Day “The customer is not always right”

On November 29, an unusual holiday is celebrated – “The customer is not always right” Day. These words, only in the opposite sense, have existed for a very long time. In 1909, the expression “The customer is always right” was uttered by Harry Gordon Selfridge, the owner of a chain of stores. He chose these words as an advertising slogan for his department stores. A similar expression was used by the Swiss Cesar Ritz to promote his own hotel chain, namely “The customer is never wrong.”

The November 29 holiday was introduced in opposition to this marketing expression. After all, in business, pandering to all the demands and whims of buyers of goods and services is not a customer-oriented policy. The saying has lost its relevance and goes against modern marketing trends. If the company is guided by the slogan of the client’s indisputable right, then the company’s employees are by default guilty of something.

Day "The customer is not always right"
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