Muslim people are extremely dedicated to their religion and treat all its traditions. For every citizen, it is very important to have some beliefs and live due to the rules of their God. That is why all their nation is very closely-nit, support each other and try to live honestly and change the world to the better side. That is why there are a lot of holidays, which these people dedicate to different religious events or people and they celebrate the all. One of such holidays is the birthday of their prophet Muhammad. It is a very important day for all people and we would like to speak about it and know, when is Mawlid al-Nabi in 2024.

History of the holiday

So, Muhammad is a well-known personage in the worldโ€™s history and many people from different countries heard his name at least once a life. And really this personage played a big role while alive in the lives of his native people. He lived many centuries ago, but even nowadays people remember him and treat as a saint person. It is an interesting fact though that for a couple of first centuries his birthday hasnโ€™t been celebrated at all. This holiday has been first offered and begun being celebrated in the far 12th century that is why in comparison to other ancient Muslim holidays it is not so old.

Mawlid al-Nabi

But the age of the holiday evokes questions from the believers. Some people accepted the holiday and sincerely celebrate it, but there are other people, who think that as the holiday hasnโ€™t existed from the very beginning of their history, it is not a correct holiday and it has no right to existence. They say that Koran has nothing about this holiday, that is why it was not allowed to create such a holiday after some time.

Muhammad has been treated as sent by God, and he was the last of such missioners. That is why at his birthday people usually thank God for sending them such a person, they are happy to have someone like hi in their world and also thank God for this โ€œpresentโ€. His followers widely promote joining them and celebrating the holiday, because Muhammad taught people to love each other, and then every of us will meet the one, whom he or she loves. That is why all these people exactly know, what day Mawlid al-Nabi in 2024 is.

The are, where this holiday is celebrated, is rather huge. For the first time, the celebration began from Syria. Then the holiday was spread through Algeria, Tunisia, other parts of Syria, Morocco, Egypt and other countries, where Islam is the main religion. It is also an interesting fact that Pakistan marks this holiday as an official one and people there have three days off work to have an opportunity to celebrate it fully.

Other details of the holiday and its celebrations

There are several traditions, according to which Muslims should celebrate the day. Letโ€™s name them and speak closer about each of them:

  • First of all, throughout this day people try to speak as much as possible about Allah, glorify him and say all possible words of thanks.
  • Certainly, together with all blessings, people pray all day long to the prophet and God, read special prayers, where the life and death of Muhammad are described. They are written in the form of poems, as many poets devoted their works to him, or in a form of stories, which were also written by many ancient philosophers and other people.
  • As it has been already mentioned in the beginning, Muhammad is treated to be the last Godโ€™s envoy, that is why people for the whole day show their happiness about this event, tell a lot of words of thanks to the God that such a person appeared in their lives and history. And they firmly know, what is the date of Mawlid al-Nabi 2024.

Mawlid al-Nabi

  • Also during this day, people are likely to listen to different lectures about the life and deeds of Muhammad, they study his teachings and try to live honestly and with all kindness they have. They have pious talks to each other, donโ€™t use anger or other bad feelings and emotions as Muhammad preached only love and kindness.
  • Throughout the cities, different pavilions or stands are installed, where people can not only walk through but buy some delicious festive food or watch some souvenirs or goodies. All the streets are decorated with small beautiful glowing flashlights and checkboxes. It all looks rather celebratory and bright and brings happiness to all who walk through this all. Children especially like this holiday, because they also see these beautiful things and can find a lot of tasty things in the pavilions.
  • In some countries, it is celebrated more wide even than anywhere else and it all last for about a month. During this time, except everything, which has been mentioned before, people hang posters and bracings on the walls throughout the streets, organize processions, etc. It all looks rather rich and luxuriant in such places.

So, people, as it can be seen from the article, mostly like the holiday and happily celebrate it. They all always know, when is Mawlid al-Nabi 2024.ย  The date is calculated not according to our usual calendar, but according to moon calendar. That is why the dates may differ in different systems of counting. This year the holiday will be began celebrated only from the late evening on October 28 and will last until the evening of October 29. In some areas the dates can be different according to some other local traditions., and some places may celebrate it for a month, as it has been already mentioned., that is why it is better to watch for the calendar properly.


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