Day of world silence and silence

What day is it?

December 16 is celebrated Day of world silence and silence. On this day, you should try to talk little, pray, think about the meaning of life and evaluate your actions. This date was not chosen by chance, because according to the Christian calendar it is considered the day of St. John the Silent. Many omens are associated with it, which will help maintain peace in the house and good relations between family members.

That you can’t work on the Day of World Silence and Silence

  • Quarrel
  • Sing songs
  • Talk loudly
  • Make any promises

It is believed that a couple who quarreled on the day of silence will figure out their relationship throughout the year. But those who do not utter a single word for the whole day will receive a blessing for good luck from St. John the Silent.

For those who do not believe in omens, silence also makes a lot of sense. After all, it helps to stop the chaos of thoughts that are constantly swirling in the head, to see existing problems from the other side and to find the best way to eliminate them.

When will we celebrate the World Day of Silence and Silence?

Year Date Weekday
2021 December 16 Thursday
2022 December 16 Friday
2023 December 16 Saturday
2024 December 16 Monday
2025 December 16 Tuesday

Day of world silence and silence


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