Day of cosmetologist

Initially, on June 26, cosmetologists from the United States celebrated their day. Later, this event went beyond the borders of the country and at the present time Day of cosmetologist celebrated all over the world.

Day of the cosmetologist in history

The word “cosmetology” was first used in the 20s of the XX century. Translated from Greek, it means “the art of decorating.” But information about cosmetologists can be found in the history of Ancient Rome, who were called cosmetologists. Only priests possessed this profession. They helped women hide skin imperfections. Priests made ointments from various plants, which were used for medicinal purposes.

To look attractive, Egyptian women of that time mixed sand with ash and crushed bricks for washing. To obtain a blush on the cheeks, iris juice was rubbed into the skin, which, due to irritation, gave it the desired color.

In the 16th century professional artists were invited to apply make-up. Therefore, in order not to erase the paint from the face, wash as little as possible.

The first guide to cosmetology is a roll of papyrus found in an Egyptian tomb, the length of which reached more than 20 meters. Various recommendations for skin care were indicated on it. Some recipes from that period are still used today.

Day of cosmetologist
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