Daughter’s Day

On April 25 every year we celebrate a tender, good, family, bright and touching holiday –Daughter’s Day (Daughter’s Day).

purpose Daughter’s Day is drawing attention to the significant role of girls in every family, involving parents in showing care and love for their daughters, emphasizing the need for healthy trusting relationships in the family, fighting against family violence.

On April 25, do not forget to say nice words to the girls, arrange a joint walk, a trip to the cinema or a cafe, pay attention to the most valuable – your own daughters and yourself, if you are a woman – this is also your holiday.

Interesting Facts

  • The passion for the color pink is transmitted genetically through the female line, if there were women in the family who collected fruit.
  • A good relationship between a daughter and her father is more important than an understanding with her mother, but it is the mother who lays the foundation for a girl’s character.

Cards for Daughter’s Day

Happy Daughter's Day, my good one!  |  Greeting card - Daughter's Day card - Daughter's card

Dear daughter!  |  Greeting card - Daughter's Day card - Daughter's card

Thank you for my daughter!  |  Greeting card - Daughter's Day card - Daughter's card

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Daughter's Day

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