Color TV Day

It is celebrated on June 25 every year Day of color television. This technology appeared in 1951 in America and forever changed the future of television broadcasting.

History of color TV

For the first time, an entertainment program featuring Ed Sullivan and other artists, who later became world famous, was shown in color for American viewers. This broadcast was only available to owners of color televisions, but it was the first step towards big changes.

Way color TV only began in 1951 and continued for many years to come. It is marked by many victories, but there were also problems. So, in 1970, when color televisions appeared in Israel, the authorities recognized them as an unreasonable luxury that causes social stratification of society. TV channels were instructed to continue broadcasting in black and white, and to remove color components from foreign films and programs.

Advantages of color television

Only after tens of years color television became an everyday part of life, and even later scientists proved that color TV is less harmful than its black and white predecessor. Different colors make the perception of the image easier and relieve the eye muscles of part of the load.

Color TV Day
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