Coach’s Day in Ukraine (unofficial)

What day is it?

Everyone knows about Teacher’s Day, but about the existence Coach’s Day few people guess. Every year on October 30, Ukraine celebrates the unofficial Coach’s Day, and since 2021, Ukraine also has an official coach’s holiday, which is celebrated on July 19. It is important not to ignore these dates, because a coach is the same teacher for athletes as a teacher for schoolchildren, a teacher for students, etc. It is pleasing that in our country Coach’s Day is actively celebrated by people connected with sports.

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How did the idea to celebrate Coach’s Day in Ukraine come about?

Though Coach’s day is not included in the list of holidays and commemorative dates of Ukraine, nevertheless this holiday has existed unofficially for more than 20 years.

For the first time, the idea of ​​a sports holiday arose in 1999 from the representatives of the Federation of Sports and Artistic Gymnastics of Ukraine, who emphasized the need to set aside a special day in the year for coaches. The sports world supported the idea of ​​a holiday that gives athletes the opportunity to say “thank you” to a person for their work and support.

Frequent Questions and answers about Coach’s Day in Ukraine

How to celebrate Coach’s Day in Ukraine?

The holiday is celebrated throughout the country, in sports institutions and organizations, federations of various sports. Traditionally, on this day, athletes honor their mentors by congratulating them. However, for a coach, the best reward will always be the successes and achievements of his pupils. Their victories are also the victories of the coaches.

Greetings on this day are accepted not only by professional sports coaches, but also by coaches of children’s or youth sports schools, clubs and sections, as well as fitness trainers and instructors. Sports veterans, honored coaches and athletes are often invited to festive events dedicated to this Day.

In honor of the holiday, performances by athletes are organized, as well as sports competitions, where diplomas and certificates of honor are often awarded, and sports titles are awarded. In addition, children’s sports schools often hold concerts and performances by young pupils in honor of Coach’s Day.

As a rule, various programs and reports about outstanding Ukrainian representatives of the coaching profession are broadcast on television.

Suitable as a gift:

  1. Sports gadgets (smart watch, headphones, fitness bracelet, etc.)
  2. Certificate in the spa salon
  3. A gift certificate to a sports nutrition store or to a sports equipment/clothing/accessories store, in which the coach will choose something to his liking
  4. Name things (sports scarf with embroidery, or, for example, a name water bottle)

Why is this day important?

A coach is an incredibly important person for every athlete. His ability to teach, to find a personal approach, to be able to support in difficult moments, somewhere to help overcome laziness, fatigue, to cross the barrier that stands in the way of sports victories have always been highly appreciated by both amateur athletes and professionals. The image of this person is always nearby during training, is preserved in people’s memory for the rest of their lives. The coach is a motivator who believes in the athlete and knows how to encourage in time.

In our time of hypodynamia, it is necessary to pay attention to sports exercises, and a coach will help to do it correctly, because physical exertion can bring both benefit and harm to the body. If you are a professional athlete, in this case, the coach will become a familiar and necessary person for you, who sometimes knows you better than you know yourself.

When choosing a sports coach for your child, remember: this person will be the number one authority for your child, will make a personal training and sleep regimen, determine the food menu, and will also take care of compliance with all recommendations.

World-famous Ukrainian coaches are Valery Lobanovskyi, Andriy Shevchenko, Yevhen Kucherevskyi (football), Natalya Medvedeva (tennis), Iryna Deryugina (gymnastics), Nina Kozhukh (swimming), Ihor Turchyn (handball) and others.

We urge you to remember about Coach’s Day, to honor and welcome representatives of this important profession. Each athlete reached certain heights thanks to continuous and hard work, faith and support of their coach.

When will we celebrate Coach’s Day in Ukraine (unofficial)?

Year Date Weekday
2021 October 30 Friday
2022 October 30 Saturday
2023 October 30 Sunday
2024 October 30 Tuesday
2025 October 30 Wednesday

Coach's Day in Ukraine

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