When is National Safety Pin Day in 2020? Do you know it? โ€“ Well, to be honest, we are almost sure, that you are not ready to answer our question, as you have never heard about this holiday existence. And, in fact, it is not a great surprise, because this special occasion is not an official one. And, although many people use this small thing regularly all around the planet, they would be very amazed to find out that the calendar contains a date devoted especially to it.

To make the situation clear, we are going to investigate the event in our article today. We will do it in details, so join us immediately and you wonโ€™t regret.


The discussing about such matter as what day Safety Pin Day in 2020 is would be quite silly without taking into account the historical background of the special occasion.

All in all the history of this small but very important thing invention is associated with a talented engineer called Walter Hunt. It was he who created this element in the distant year of 1849. By the way, today we are going to tell you even more, you would be rather surprised to find out that this gifted man also invented a needle for sewing machines with an eye on the point.

Safety Pins

As an American by birth, Walter was clever enough and patented all his inventions. Although in those days it was not so popular and serious as today, he did it. Otherwise, other people could take advantage of Hunt’s ideas in their own interests. But Walter was a man of a foresight, and as a result no one dared to steal these ideas from him.

In the course of time, he managed to sell his copyrights on account of his debt. The buyer was an entrepreneur from England, called Charles Rowley, who was engaged in window fittings. However, in the invention of Hunt, he was able to see a promising business, as well as the future demand for this product. And the cost of the invention was only $ 15, as the amount of his debt. Since that time, Hunt hasnโ€™t been remembered in documents, and the name “English pin”, which we already know, appeared.

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The invention gained popularity very quickly. It was also called “safety pin” and it is not difficult to guess why it happened. โ€“ It was done for safety reasons, of course. It won several positions from its analog competitors: it was much more convenient to use, because conventional needles with tips could jump out of the fabric very easily, and at the same time it cost less. Massive distribution of the English thing was received thanks to tailors, who widely used it in the work, both with the fastening of fabrics, and for the insertion of rubber bands and various shoelaces, as well as other operations.


What does Safety Pin Day mean? Are you really sure that we can give you the answer to this question as easily as it may seem at the first sight? Nothing of the kind in practice! You see, it is only up to you to decide, what holidays are important for you and which ones can be forgotten without any regrets.

Frankly speaking, contemporary men and women do not remember who and when invented such a necessary detail for fastening the fabric like a pin. However, since this appearance various decorations have been created on its basis. In the course of time, the safety thing was improved and upgraded significantly, and nowadays we have a modernized version called broche. However, the most popular and convenient is a multifunctional safety pin.


The investigation of the question โ€œWhen is International Safety Pin Day 2020?โ€ needs a lot of clarifications and investigations.

The English, which is also well-known as a safety pin, is a type of fixation thing, a special safety device, made in the form of a needle connected to a rod that has a cover on the very end. As a rule, it is often used for stamping, pinching pieces of soft tissue and other kinds of soft materials. It may be also as a popular fashion accessory and under these conditions it is produced from gold or silver. Sometimes the contemporary designers prefer to use rhinestones or precious stones.

  • The convenience and reliability of this invention was appreciated by mothers all around the world. Why? โ€“ The matter is that swaddling they children, fastened the diapers with an English fixation thing, were not worried that it could hurt the baby.
  • The second stage of development came when the musicians began using this item for their equipment. For example, the group Sex Pistols was one of the first to pin the jackets and torn jeans with pins, leaving it to the public. And watching them various youth movements in their turn fixation thing the things up. Pants and metalworkers made their necessary clothing element.
  • English pins were used even in sports. They were a kind of important element in the fight against muscle cramps in swimmers. When swimming in the open sea, they certainly attached a fixation item to the swimming trunks.
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In general, for the history of its existence, the safety pin has proved itself as an indispensable assistant. It has had a huge number of different applications, and as a result it deserves such popularity in the world.


When is Safety Pin Day in 2020, calendar will tell you without any troubles. The holiday is celebrated on April 10th annually, so it wonโ€™t be difficult to remember it. Of course, this holiday is not an official one that is why it would be quite silly to expect that local authorities will organize some special events devoted to this item.

Safety Pins jacket

However, if you have a high level of imagination you feel free to invent how to spend this day amazingly. By the way, have you ever heard that the shape of the fixation item is ideal in terms of transferring energy from the system to the system? And if a negative influence is exerted on a certain energy system, then the correctly applied pin can become a powerful protection against such an impact. At the same time, all negative energy is not only returned back to the place from which it was sent, but also multiplied. The retaliatory strike is many times stronger than the impact itself.

You can devote this day to something more ordinary and common. What about the discovery many different ways of using this item? โ€“ As a rule, contemporary people use them for fixation different scarves or ties. There are many ways of doing it, that it what is why it is up to you to decide which variation will be suitable for your dress or coat.

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National Safety Pin Day Facts

Investigating the question โ€œWhat is the date of Safety Pin Day in 2020?โ€ we would like to represent our followers something interesting from the past of this tiny thing.

In the UK, the special action called #SafetyPin has already begun. In such a way, attaching safety pins to their clothes, people protest against aggression against migrants. This flash mob was a response to the increase in the number of crimes committed against visitors, which followed the decision of the inhabitants of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.

The action was launched by a Twitter user under the name Miss Pommery 1926, who is an American living in London. She offered to attach fixation items to clothes to show migrants: “I do not need to be afraid.”

According to Miss Pommery 1926, it was inspired by the action under the title โ€œI’ll ride with youโ€, whose members wear badges with this inscription as a symbol of the fight against Islamophobia in public transport. At the same time, among the merits of its flashmob, the American notes its availability – an English pin is home to everyone.

Thousands of people have already been participating in the flash mob, actively uploading photos of their pins on Twitter. The organizer of the action tries to contact all centers for refugees and fellow-countrymen to inform them about their initiative.


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