Bright Thursday

Bright Thursday – the fourth day after Easter is also called the Easter of the dead, because today it is necessary to remember deceased relatives, visit the cemetery and clean up the graves.

The Belarusian people call the first Thursday after Easter Navskiy. Commemorating deceased relatives and friends on Maundy Thursday exists in Polissia. It is recommended to spend the morning in the church, praying for the dead, ordering memorial services and distributing cooked food and alms to the needy.

There is a belief that on the eve of Easter, God opens heaven and hell, and the souls of dead people can descend to earth. Those who died on this day immediately go to heaven. Hence the tradition of visiting the cemetery on this day and “christening” with the dead. It is customary to leave Easter gifts on the graves – eggs, Easter eggs, and Easter eggs. It is necessary to read prayers both for the living and for the dead, asking for the Kingdom of Heaven and forgiveness of sins.

Leaving food in the cemetery is a pagan tradition that is not approved by the Orthodox Church. The best option would be to distribute products to the needy. Those people who still put a guest house on their graves should not leave alcoholic beverages there. There is no complete ban on commemorating the dead with alcohol. But it is better to do it moderately and at home, and not at the cemetery. A noisy feast is considered an insult to the memory of the dead.

Bright Thursday
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