Clean Thursday

Clean Thursday is a holiday celebrated by Christians every year on the Thursday before Easter. This day has a special meaning for Orthodox peoples, symbolizing purification by washing the body and cleaning the house.

According to the biblical legend, Clean Thursday (Holy Thursday) Judas – one of the twelve disciples of Christ, sold his mentor, who was then tortured. Because of this, people believe that it is on the fourth day of the week that evil forces come to life on Earth. This is the day when you need to cleanse yourself of sin as best as possible – wash or bathe in the river.

Also, on this day, the peasants cleaned their huts and in the yard, bringing everything to perfection. The gardens were also tidied up: old leaves were raked, weeds and garbage were thrown away.

Modern holiday traditions

One of the common customs is baking pasak. According to popular belief, it is believed that the success of the entire next year depends on how good the paskas turned out.

On Clean Thursday it is not customary for Christians to leave dirty things or dishes for the next day, it is better to organize a general cleaning. In the morning (preferably before sunrise), people “wash with silver”. For this, a silver coin or other silver object is placed in the water the day before.

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Clean Thursday

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