Baby stroller birthday

Every year on June 18 own a baby stroller celebrates a birthdaybecause it was on this day in 1889 that an American named Richards received a patent for this invention.

The history of the baby carriage

However, history says that the pram existed since 1730 in the family of the Duke of Devonshire. Back then, the carriage looked like a carriage and was pulled by a pony.

An indispensable assistant in everyday life

Today, mothers of small children can no longer imagine their lives without a convenient and comfortable means of transportation for the baby, which allows them to take long walks. The assortment of baby strollers is very large (cradles, three-wheeled, universal, etc.), the most popular option is a transformer. In addition to the variety of functionality and equipment, carts are also distinguished by a wide variety of designs and colors.

By June 18, manufacturers of baby carriages will present new models.

Baby stroller birthday
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