Birthday of basketball

Sports fans celebrate on December 21 Birthday of basketball. This sport originated in 1891. One day, James Naismith, a teacher at the College of the Youth Christian Association from the city of Springfield (Massachusetts, USA), was fed up with monotonous activities with pupils in physical education classes. He decided to tie baskets of peaches to the railings of the balconies on different sides of the sports hall. Then he divided 18 students into two teams. Pupils were asked to throw the ball to each other in order to throw it into the basket. At that time, dribbling was not yet used. After completing a successful attack, the ball had to be pulled out of the basket with one’s own hands.

The popularity of the game gradually gained momentum. Already in 1893, the baskets were replaced by steel circles with a mesh. First rules basketball were printed in 1894 in the United States. The first official competitions in the new sport took place in 1897. Two teams of five players took part in them. The International Federation of Basketball Associations appeared in the Swiss capital in 1932.

A selection of spectacular moments in basketball

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Birthday of basketball
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