A day of food on a stick

March 28 is an unofficial national holiday in America – A day of food on a stick. There is no special historical date associated with the beginning of the celebration. Most likely, someone just invented a reason for joy and turned it into a fun tradition. On this day, you can show your imagination and immerse yourself in creativity: string any food on a stick. Chopsticks are an ideal choice for a buffet, because they are extremely convenient to eat on the go. Gastronomic inventions of the participants can be a real surprise.

A delicacy on a stick will decorate the festive table and will be a great snack for guests. You only need to reveal your talent, and people will appreciate the original dish. The main thing is to start, so the possibilities of each event participant are limitless. As snack on a stick they prepare: sweet ice cream and popsicles, corn dogs, fruit kebabs, shrimp, bananas, fruit, marshmallows, kebabs and canapés. Such food is the best solution for a street treat.

A day of food on a stick
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