In the July — August period, there is a full moon day, when a popular festival is celebrated. The lunar calendar has always 13 months, but in the Gregorian holiday this falls on a different dates. For example Raksha Bandhan in 2015 was on August 29, Saturday. And already in 2016 it was on the 18th day of the same month. Both these days were the days of the full moon.  When is Raksha Bandhan in 2022? In this arcticle we will tell everything about this holiday.

A month before the festival in the Indian cities, special bracelets begin to sell. Write this date when is Raksha Bandhan in 2022, calendar: August 3rd. It will be a Monday this year. Preparations for the celebration begin in the morning. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with great joy all over India, and more abroad recently, and not only by Hindus.

Raksha Bandhan

The festive ritual of fostering brotherhood

The common short name of the festival comes from the sacred headbands called “Rackham”. The sisters put the beautiful silk thread into their brother’s hands, designed to protect them from harms. Special thread is often woven by hand, but everyone can also buy a finished band. A young man, in turn, gives a gift to his sister and is committed to protecting her until the end of his life. Even if brother is yet small boy or he is younger than the sister, he is taught to be responsible for her, as well as for other women in the family. The ceremony ends with the exchange of a variety of prepared sweets.

Also, it is not always conducted between biological sublings. Friends can make this festive ritual via being adoptive sister and foster brother, and you do not necessarily have to be a Hindu or a Vaishnava for this. This auspicious day is intended to maintain and reunite family, to meet with relatives.

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Philosophy of this event

This attitude to blood ties stored in culture is not without purpose. The roots of this holiday are going to create a ritual, not a break from work, and have some fun, not in an attempt to impose something to boys and girls. This festival not only tells about the strength and cohesion of the eastern family. The roots are also in the knowledge of female psychology, which has thepractical confirmation of many thousands of years ago and is still relevant today.

Let’s look at society in a  country as a canvas; we can see that every person connected with others. Even if he is poor, uneducated, in grief or joy, his impact is not less, not negative for the rest of society. Inactivity, failure to act or every act required on a particular day or in a particular situation – everything changes due to the evenness, strength and brightness of the society of the canvas.

  • Rabindranath Tagore (famous Indian writer, poet, composer, artist, social activist) played a key role in recent decades in the preservation of this This Nobel laureate’s writings and philosophy of unity and protecting each other tell us about natural social life, in harmony.

Many great writers of mankind notice our helplessness in the understanding of women, because they are men. In ancient India, it has also been observed and explained by the fact that women have almost ten times more emotional intelligence than any man. For example, modern psychologists have documented when men are experiencing anger, responding to stress and «unpleasant situation». A common sense for a man is to be angry at different levels in such situations. At the same time a woman feels a mix of a lot of emotions, and she is able to identify and describe them (and she prefers to engage in constant such self-analysis).

Raksha Bandhan

Stress is very negative impact on women’s health (especially on unstable hormonal balance). Attempts to deal with their environment is natural for men who have set up their rules for work, policy, even education. Women are not able to fight with the surrounding circumstances, but instead try to create new circumstances (educating children). In view of the structure of the world, every woman needs protection, and most importantly, the confidence that she will be protected. By the way, each government perform this function (protection of orphans, women and the elderly).

The Indian Vedas even said: A woman must be protected by his father, then her husband and then her son. As a war and much more is in life, the brother is added to the listed men. Women are to be protected from loneliness, feelings of helplessness and worthlessness, from  fear and other strong emotions (for expressing it we need psychotherapists, in Western society).

How to celebrate in 2022

If you plan to travel around the land of the Hindustan, then you will never forget what day Raksha Bandhan in 2022. After taking a bath early in the morning, all people use this occasion to wear national dress. Men mainly wear a suit called “kurt-padzhama”; women prefer to wear a sari called “shalvar-kameez”. They will be preparing special dishes, which include sweet and savory dishes too. People make offerings to God, ancient legends about this holiday are read, ritual ablutions are performed on the banks of rivers, lakes, ponds and the sea.

Raksha Bandhan tradition

When is Raksha Bandhan 2022 for caste Brahmins the time comes to replace their sacred thread (the main visual indication of caste) with another new one.

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Millions of brothers and sisters remember what is the date of Raksha Bandhan 2022, even if they can not be together on this special day. It is an auspicious time to send Rakhi by mail, filled with love, to remind yourself and them of the attitude of being a loved one. Cards and wishes of peace, prosperity and success are also included into envelopes for siblings.

Thus, mark this date into your personal calendar and celebrate amongst all the siblings unifying Rakhi celebration in the new year 2022. Use this chance to bring back the oneness of your big family, binding together in love. After all, all nations shall be also brothers and speak in languages from one language-family. Even countries in different continents are related, because we are all children of humanity and should be messengers of humanity.


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