If you like sweets and other such tasty things, you should adore Pocky. People from different countries have no imagination what the thing is. Nevertheless, it’s a very tasty thing. It is also the symbol of love. Lovers present it to each other on Pocky Day. The wonderful tradition started several decades ago and has got a great popularity among young people and children. The food itself is very popular for its taste. When is National Pocky Day in 2024? What are the most common traditions concerning this snack?


The history of this kind of food started in the 60s of the 20th century. Exaki Gliko proposed a snack which was very tasty and unusual. It was suitable for children and adults. The corporation sold the first pack in 1966.

It was originally made of biscuit. This candy was a short stick which was covered with chocolate which made it very delicious. It was a great idea, because children and women adore chocolate very much. This covering was a guarantee for the corporation that a new kind of food would be sold.

Pocky Day Card

Five years later the corporation tried other coatings such as almond and strawberry ones. The chocolate coating was very popular, nevertheless, the producers widened the line. Nowadays the most popular coverings have the following flavor:

  • Coconut;
  • Banana;
  • Honey;
  • Mousse.

Customers should admit that there is another variant such as “Decorer Pocky”. It has got colorful stripes on the coating. Another proposition is “Men’s Pocky”. It has got the covering from a dark chocolate.

The fact is that this snack used to be named as “Rocky”. Only in 2014 it got its modern name. It also was entirely covered with chocolate. It was very inconvenient. Nowadays it is just an uncovered biscuit from one side and a covered biscuit from another side. This form lets customers eat it very easily without a risk to make themselves dirty.

The history of the occasion is very disputable. It is a rather young occasion. It started in 1999. Nevertheless, it has got lots of followers. “What day Pocky Day in 2024?”


What does Pocky Day mean for food corporations and ordinary people? The date is always a good reason to promote the snack, though it is so popular that it can be without a promotion. Nevertheless, the idea is great. The event can be used for promoting a new flavour of a snack. It is usually advertized through mass media. The majority of shops can use the idea of the day to increase the amount of selling the Pocky. They may propose various suggestions and gain a great popularity among visitors.

The occasion is a good moment to deepen the knowledge about Japan. Snacks are the products of the American culture. Few groups of people know that Pocky is the Japanese product. It is obviously necessary to promote such a product.

People all over the world can use the chance and get acquainted with Japanese snack industry. The date is the most suitable moment to propose friends and relatives to taste new flavors. The date is stable, so it is convenient to provide family parties at home or outside.

It is also a chance to spend the day outside. Parks, cinemas and other places have trading places where people can have a snack. The best snack on this date is Pocky.

The main idea of the occasion is very similar to St. Valentine’s Day. People give love and presents to their dearest persons. One of the most favorite presents is a pack of snack. When is International Pocky Day 2024? It’s on the 11th of November.


The word itself has got another unpleasant meaning. People use it to describe faces with bad spots. Nevertheless, more and more people across the world use it to name one of the most favorite snacks. It is usually made of biscuit. The recipe is almost common for the majority of food factories. These sticks always have coatings. They are covered with chocolate, almond, strawberry mixture. Other coatings aren’t so popular. The food is from Japan.

It is considered as an anime fans’ snack. People consider this food rather expensive. Modern companies propose various types of the snack. It can have a flavor of fruit, berries, milk and tea. Salty variants are also popular. The word has got its meaning from Japanese. According to the dictionaries it can be read as Pocky or rocky.

There are many derivations. It can be sold as “Dessert Pocky” and have lots of cream. There are 15 sticks in a pack. Girls can also find “My Calorie Pocky” which meaning doesn’t need to be explained. The definition of the occasion is also very simple. It doesn’t need to be explained at all. It’s the occasion when people all over the world can taste a new flavor. What is the date of Pocky Day 2024? It is always set on the 11th of November.


The ways of celebrating the date are various. People can choose the most suitable one. The main idea of the occasion must still be observed. Funny and delicious ways of celebrating are proposed to everyone who loves tasty things.

Pocky Bowl

The first step is to buy various tastes. Each family can take packs with different flavors once a year and have a fun eating one stick by one. Every family can initiate a new tradition “Guess the flavour”. It’s a kind of a game. A participant can eat a stick and guess its flavor. Prizes aren’t obligatory but they are willing.

A photo with Pocky is one of good traditions. Every person can share it in the social nets. Special groups in the net are initiated on the date. People can sign in the celebrations.

If you can’t buy a pack of this snack, you should try to make it yourself. You should make a biscuit and cut them in sticks. The last step is to dip them into chocolate or other mixtures.

If you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, you should devote the date to him or her. It is traditionally the day of love in Japan. So, Pocky is the symbol of the day. You can buy it in the shop or through the internet and present the pack to the dear person. The snack is like a chocolate bar on St. Valentine’s Day.

Follow the traditions of observing the date. “When is Pocky Day in 2024, calendar of world holidays”. Take part in the event on the 11th of November.

National Pocky Day Facts

  1. The name of the snack can be pronounced with P or R. it is explained by the peculiarities of the language of origin.
  2. The first variations were hand-made. The big companies had only human workers. There were no machines in the production line.
  3. The next stage was a fork. It was used to dip biscuit sticks into chocolate and other flavors. Thus, workers’ fingers were clean.
  4. The tradition of observing the date started in 1999. It was the eleventh year of Heisei. That is why it was set on the 11th of November. “1” is always pictured on the snack’s packs.
  5. The Guinness Record was made in 2013. The name of the snack was twitted almost 4 million times.
  6. There’re more than 50 flavors of this kind of food.
  7. The original flavor is chocolate.
  8. The Glico Corporation is the designer of the snack.
  9. The almond flavor came into general use in 1971 and the strawberry one came out in 1977.
  10. The flavors of sweet milk, cookies and cream, almond crush are made only for Japan.


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