There are so many different people in the world and so many minds and opinions. We are all so different in everything โ€“ our lifestyles, our feelings and even in religious views. And it is important to respect minds of each other, our thoughts and deeds because everybody canโ€™t be the same. It is an ideal picture, but certainly, the reality is much different from all this. We moved a lot from earlier times in this tolerance, but a lot of years ago the situation was much harder and a lot of people struggled with each other for these views. Further, the speech will go about religion and its aspect, and in particular about Jewish religions and their views and a holiday, called Hanukah. We will observe the main points of this topic and know, when is Chanukah in 2022.

History observance

So, we have already spoken about the topic that people have different views. It especially concerns the theme of religion, because it has been actual for all times and even now some contra versions exist among different nationalities. Jewish people suffered from it very much for practically all time of their existence and had a difficult and sad history. They struggled for their religions, for having right for its existence and they reached their goals and made a holiday. It was called Chanukah and remembered them about that struggle, about the difficult times and such like things. This holiday is extremely important for the people because their suffering couldnโ€™t be forgotten and they must be priced. That is why every Jewish person knows, what day Hanukkah in 2022 is.

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The history of Chanukah is very interesting and is worth to be known. Many years ago a war began between Greek and Jewish. It was a difficult and long period, during which many people come to the Greek side or died. But after all struggles, Jewish won and had an opportunity to begin a new life. Those, who were alive, were truly dedicated people, who havenโ€™t changed their minds and followed their native roots. They were so happy and had to restore their cities. The main temple was ruined and people had to rebuild it and clean, as it was a saint place and very important for all of them.

So, they began the works and did that all together. But when they practically finished, an important problem arose. Jewish have a saint fire called menorah. To finish their โ€œworksโ€ and begin a new life of the temple they had to burn it and pray all together for the first time. This lamp is burned by special oil. But it has been found out that there is practically no oil left anywhere after the war. The oil, which they found, could keep it burning only for a day. But after all, it was found out that in some miracle way the lamp worked for eight days! It was really unbelievable because it was not due to simply physicsโ€™ laws. That is why people treated it like a sign of God and started celebrating Chanukah as a symbol of this new life. From that time people firmly know, when is Chanukah 2022. Hanukkah 2022 will begin in the evening of December 10 and ends in the evening of

December 18.

By the way, this holiday can be both called Chanukah or Hanukkah. As it can be understood from the history, this holiday is treated like the Holiday of Lights or Festival of Lights.

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Hanukkah celebrations

If speaking about this holiday as a day off, in the United States it is not treated like an official one. Moreover, Hanukkah is an eight-day holiday, so there is no someone particular day for people to have a rest. In the United States, there are Jewish communities, where people certainly observe and celebrate the holiday. But adults also do not have a day off work. But at some place, Jewish children have a kid of vocations at school. They do not need to visit studies for eight days and have an opportunity to have a rest. That is why adults can plan some entertainments for their children and know, what is the date if Hanukkah 2022.

As a holiday this time nay is observed in countries, where Judaism is an official religion. But in countries, where Jewish only live in small quantities in their communities, the government doesnโ€™t make such holidays official for all other people too.


Jewish have their own calendar, according to which they count their holidays and other important days. They begin celebrating, for example, Hanukkah on the 25th of a month, called Kislev. Their months are also called in a different way from usual calendars, which are understood and used in the rest of the world. That is why we will not deep into these details. Jewish usually do not widely celebrate all these eight days of Hanukah, but admit the first day of it. They do it in such a way: when the sun sets, they light up the menorah, which we mentioned a bit earlier and read special blessings. It is important to meet this day, particularly at the sunset.

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Also, people have special dinner at this day. The main rule is that all the meal must be fried or prepared with olive oil, as this oil it the symbol of Hanukkah. Among all the food, which people prepare for this day, special Jewish traditional dishes can be met, like, for example, pancakes, made from potato, a kind of donuts, traditional bread and pastry, which can be filled with anything a person wants. Among other traditions are singing special songs, playing a toy, called dreidel, giving gifts to each other. The date of the holiday varies every year that is why it is hard for simple people to count it. This year Hanukah will begin on December 10th and as a usual will last for eight days. It is a good kind holiday, which reminds Jewish people that they are strong in their faith.


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