October is a very difficult time. The first half of the month is filled with magic. At this time, you can go the strongest personal transformation. This period falls holiday Navaratri. Let’s break down more, that it is on holiday and learn together when is Navaratri in 2022.

New year before Navaratri

Judge for yourself. New Moon, the first of October is the first new moon after the autumnal Equinox when the Sun starts to go on the wane after the autumnal Equinox and the winter solstice. Light day in the northern hemisphere of the Earth will be gradually reduced until it reaches its minimum. New Moon, the first of October and blood await us magical days, called beautiful and mysterious word Navaratri. And finally, 17th of October, the Jewish people observed the new year. Stands alone to say a few words about this holiday, and then go directly to the topic of Navaratri.


Jewish new year celebrated on October 17th and called it Roche Oshana. The Jewish holiday Rosh Hashana is celebrated in honor of the creation of the world, it symbolizes the beginning of a new year and the end of the year of the expiring. There is a legend that in the days of Rosh Hashana God noted in the Holy Book of life what fate awaits the new year every person on Earth who live and who will die, who expects the rest, whom wanderings, whom welfare and whom laceration, who bequeathed the poverty and wealth.

A sincere belief in what God wishes all good things makes this day a holiday. What day Navaratri in 2022? At that time Jews ordered to analyze their actions for the entire previous year and prepare for the beginning of the year. Reflecting on the future, Jews ask for peace, harmony, and health. Sound shafara-RAM’s horn-calls wake-up everybody who sleeps and spends tempered him years of pointless, overlook their soul to do good deeds. My congratulations to all Jewish friends and happy records in the book of life.

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The value of Navarathri celebration

Back to the main theme, the theme of the feast of Navaratri. Nearing the divine time, nine healing nights mother Navaratri where the Mother Goddess descends to Earth to test the treatment with her daughters, with young women. She is generous to those who Revere her and merciless woman to them. This holiday in Vedic culture called Navaratri.

Navaratri in translation and literally means nine nights. These nine nights dedicated to worship of the Shakti with the power of ten hands. The name Shakti called infinite, universal, unimaginable energy, which is creating and executing the ocean of divine consciousness PWM. While Shakti is in constant Mergence with Shimon, introducing him two indivisible aspects of one reality.

Shakti is goddess mother, this phenomenal world. So-called mother nature, so called goddess, Consort of the God of Shima. Shakti is internally started man, his female half. Also, this woman partner, practicing yoga, it is a day of Maya, this divine wife Shima is a reflection of the energy of the mother of the world, in the universe.

All people on earth are looking for protection from the maternal womb, to maternal shelter, arm, leading us through the dark streets, men’s confidence inspires a hug, the warmth of a woman’s breasts, the gentle embrace of nature and protective female force of Mother-goddess. We are one of the nine nights of the divine mother to pay tribute to the great mother of the universe in its three main forms: great destruction, divine creation, the great divine principle of balance.

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Mythological interpretation of these days, it’s a combination of masculine and feminine. When is Navaratri 2022? Navaratri 2020 will begin on October 17 and ends on October 26. First wedding night of body and spirit in his reflection in the matter. After the sultry summer-period weddings and associations, which enters into the right feminine when karmic harvest.

How to celebrate Navratri-nine nights

So what, there are traditions and recommendations for spending these hallowed and sacred nine nights? These nine nights should be carried out with the intent to understand the essence of your inner peace of mind. Also, take the opportunity to efficiently update the stereotypes of perception and response patterns. I must say, it’s a great time to practice night practices, especially from dusk till dawn.


Why is Navaratri is considered to be one of the main Vedic festivals in India and any transformations you can ask the divine mother? So, the first three nights of Navaratri Durga angry reigns. In Indian mythology, Durga is all images and hypostasis of the divine mother. Her face was made of light which came from the mouth of God Shima light Frame gave her long black hair, and Vishnu the effulgence of the two hands, Moonlight gave her two breasts, and glow of Indra the middle part of the body. Hips were born radiance of God water. Buttocks-fire land. Light Brahma became her feet and fingertips emerged from the rays of the Sun.

Each of the gods bestowed Durg weapons. Shiva’s Trident from his own another one and gave it to the goddess. Vishnu created a disk of his chakra. Varuna gave her a copy of his shell. Indra gave her bow and arrows and made from his thunderous booms another arrow. God of death gave her wand and Brahma vessel for water.

But anyway, what is the date of Navaratri 2022? Sun filled glow all the cells in the body of the goddess and God time gave her a sword and shield. So Durga received various means of Defense and attack, so call Durga both for protection and for the destruction of the old, that hinders the further development of the new.

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Durga in Sanskrit means unavailable, the embodiment of material energy, in which the material absorbed in thoughts, actions, and personality.

The first three nights Navaratri is a night of passion and fire, vibrant life, impatience, lust, anger before parting. It’s like a new moon at sunset, which is burned in Crimson rays passing Sun. Her hammer even not visible. A woman’s body is completely dissolved in the husband, in Ecstasy, then comes the completely dark night, the light in the underworld. A woman at the mercy of the underworld is the mystical three nights. The deepest subconscious processes awaken to activity.

Thus, you learned a lot of new information about such an incredible holiday as Navaratri. If you want to learn the date of it, you can take a calendar and when is Navaratri in 2022, calendar will show you all the necessary data you need in. Happy Navaratri day!


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