You wonโ€™t be surprised to hear that the prophecy is known to be an integral part of Turkish culture evolution, furthermore has accomplished its epochal development during the era of Islamic prophet Muhammad that has led to a significant change in the structure of self-cognition. As a result, the humanity became a witness of such phenomena as the birthday of the Islamic prophet Muhammad which is celebrated in Rabi’ al-awwal, the third month in the Islamic calendar.

Each Turkish citizen should take it upon himself to celebrate this day and esteem such appearance. It cannot be lost from the people sight and has to be regularly recollected.

In order to get an approach to the history of this celebration, I suppose to renovate some facts required to be known in our modern society.

Mawlid is also known as the assembly of Muslims, on which those who are going to attend are doing the same as those on the holiday, however, such meetings are not timed to a specific date. In some nations, that traditionally profess Islam, it is also customary to call mavlid such meetings as a wedding, the birth of a child, and so on.

The Prophet's Birthday


What Is The Prophetโ€™s Birthday and What Day The Prophetโ€™s Birthday in 2022 is? The prophet Muhammad (Mahomet), the founder of Islam, was born in Mecca in the year 570. The name was given great sacred significance in Islam religion. The name “Muhammad” means “Praise”, “Worthy of praise”. In the Koran he is called by name only four times, but is also called a prophet (Nabi) messenger (Rasul), servant of God (‘Abd), messenger of joy (Bashir), reminder (muzakkir), witness (Shahid), vassalship to God (Dai), etc. According to Muslim tradition, after the pronunciation or spelling of the name Muhammad always said: “Salla-l-Lahu alaihi WA sallam” (Arab. ุตู„ู‰ ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุนู„ูŠู‡ ูˆุณู„ู…) โ€” that is, “sallallaahu’ alaihi WA sallam” (another translation: “Peace be upon him of Allah”). Muhammad lost his parents in the early childhood and later the grandfather of Muhammad died, who paternally cared for him. Muhammad was educated with a help of his uncle Abu Talib. In 12 years, Muhammad and his uncle went to explore Syria in order to get some money to survive and there they got acquainted with Judaism, Christianity, and other religions. When he turned 21, he got a job as a clerk at the rich widow Khadija. Doing business of Khadija, he has gone to big amount of places and everywhere was interested in the local customs and beliefs. At age 25 he has married that union made him happy.

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What does the Prophetโ€™s Birthday mean? Letโ€™s recollect some knowledge from the people, who support this stream.

The main arguments of supporters of celebrating mavlid:

  • To show love to the Prophet Muhammad, and therefore rejoice at his birth, Allah Almighty tells Muslims.
  • The Messenger of Allah appreciated his birth (in particular, he fasted on Mondays, since he was born on Monday), thanked Allah Almighty for creating him and giving life, praising Him for this good.
  • The Prophet Muhammad rewarded the poets who sang it in their works, approved it.

  • Mawlid is a meeting of Muslims for expressing joy on the occasion of the birth of a prophet and love for him. In the hadith, it is said that everyone will be near to the one whom he loves.
  • The singing of Mawlid (poetic narratives about the birth of the prophet, his life and prophetic mission) promotes knowledge of the prophet, and this evokes experiences that enhance the love of the prophet.
  • Such outstanding Islamic scholars as Imam Hafiz Ibn Hajar Askaliani and Imam Suyuti talked about the permissibility of Mawlid.


When The Prophet’s Birthday is in 2022, calendar gives us a whole picture according to the teachings of Islam, where told that Muhammad is the last prophet and messenger of Allah. Islam, that is submission to the God, was common to all the righteous, including those that followed God’s command, taking the teachings of ISA, Musa and other well-known biblical prophets. However, due to the teachings of Judaism and Christianity, Islam was distorted by the people and then lost its relevance after the beginning of the Quran. The distortion of the Scriptures was within the boundaries of the knowledge of Allah. The Quran is the word of Allah, the last Scripture, the Scripture, which does not undergo changes. Since, according to the will of Allah, the Last Scripture contains the Arabic language; this language is special to Muslims. Only the Quran in Arabic is a Scripture translation into any language of the world (it was often stated that this is “transfer of meaning”) is not. The Qur’an was revealed in parts. Based on the verses of the Qur’an (25:32, 17:106), it is associated with the fact that Allah wished to implant the belief in Muhammad’s heart, and he also sent down revelation according to events and asking questions that made a bigger impression than if they are descended entirely.

The Prophet's Birthday


By the time we have discovered what Is The Date Prophetโ€™s Birthday 2022, we can turn to the next details.

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In addition, Muslims say about the distortion of today’s version of the Bible, which, according to some hadith, touched the part which refers to Muhammad. But Christians reject the position of Muslims โ€” even recognizing that the Bible is not clear.

The number of wives of Mohammed differs in many historians variants. Masudi, in his book “Murugun-zahab” noted that Mohammed had 15 wifes. Jacobi writes that Muhammad had 21 or 23 wives, entered into a physical relationship only with 13 wives. Qaradawi indicates only the number nine, but without Khadija, the ten. Muhammad married all before the Qur’anic prohibition, where it was forbidden to have more than four wives. Descendants of Muhammad via his daughter Fatima and his grandson Husayn called seidai. The descendants of a grandson of Hasan sheriffs. The descendants of Muhammad established the ruling dynasty in Morocco (Saadi). Jordan’s king Abdullah II of the Hashemite dynasty is a direct descendant of Mohammed in 43rd generation. June 8, 632 is the year the prophet died.


By the time Muhammad’s death in 632, Islam had converted the entire Arabian Peninsula, and soon after the prophet’s death, his successors (the”deputies”, the caliphs) conquered the vast territory of the Asian and African possessions of the Byzantine Empire, spreading Islam, Arabic culture and language. The Caliphate under the Abbasids was the largest Empire of its time, stretching from the Atlantic ocean to China. The main miracle of Muhammad, Muslim scholars believe the Koran. Despite the fact that the authorship of the Qur’an in non-Muslim sources can be attributed to Muhammad himself transmitted the hadith say that his speech was not similar to the Quran. Outstanding artistic virtues of the Qur’an are recognized by all scholars of Arabic literature. According to Bernhard Weiss, to humankind for all its medieval, modern and contemporary history has failed to write anything like the Quran.


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