There are a lot of holidays, which are common and well-known for most people in the world. But the same holiday may differ in traditions in this or that country. These holidays may be both religious, as a religion of any nation dictates people its own rules, and the rest holidays, which rules are dictated by the lifestyle and traditions of separate country and nation. That is why, what is less important in one country, may be more important for another country. In this article, we will speak about one of such holidays, about which everyone of us knows. The topic will go about the Passover. Maybe not everybody knows, but it is Jewish Easter and we will tell you a lot of facts about this holiday and know, when is First day of Passover in 2022.


Interesting facts about Passover

So, we have decided, what does this holiday mean and where does it come from. Now it is time to speak about different interesting facts, concerning the holidays itself.

  • First of all, the Passover is not the only name for this holiday. It has other names, about 5 or 6, which are dedicated to this or that events in the past. Examples are Pesah, Pesakh, and others. Jewish people treat their traditions very much. They created such names for several reasons, for example, to thank God for having food at the time if slavery, to thank Him that He left them alive when Egyptian children were killed. Also one of the names meant a kind of happiness that spring is coming again.
  • It is always hard to say concrete, what is the date of First day of Passover in 2022. It is so, because their holiday lasts not for just one day, like in other countries. Passover always lasts for seven days. But it takes place only in Jerusalem, but in other areas, it lasts for eight days. It doesn’t mean that all these days are made holidays. When it lasts seven days – the first and the last days are weekends. But if speaking about eight days of celebration – the two first and the two last days are holidays. During the rest of the days, people just keep to the special fast and work as a usual.
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  • The history of the holiday is really interesting and means much for all Jewish people. A long time ago this nation was in slavery by Egyptian people. That period lasted for several hundred years. Once God punished people of Egypt and sent then 10 punishments. Only after that Jewish people gained freedom. It was a crucial moment in their life and history and it was very important for every person. For the first time, they felt freedom and got the opportunity to live their own lives and build a strong separate nation.
  • We mentioned a special fast, which people keep to during Passover. So, to be more concrete – all these seven or eight days people are forbidden to eat bread and such like products. Also, leavened products are also not allowed to eat. It all is written in the “Bible” of Jewish people – Tora. So, it is similar with our fasts, but the product and rules differ a bit. All leavened and bread products have special name – chametz. It is very important for people not only not to eat it while holidays, but nothing of the sort must be at home at this time. It is so serious for them all, that beforehand all Jewish families clean their houses in order to find something, which can be called chametz. These cleanings can last for a week or week and a half. That is why it is really important to remember, what day First day of Passover in 2022 is to be ready for it.
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First day of Passover

  • What is also interesting, is that according to an ancient tradition people start their celebrations not from the morning, but after the sunset. At this day and at the last they are forbidden to do work and all important things. It is treated like a sin. They go to synagogue, read special festive prayers and sing special songs. In the evening of the first day of celebrations people usually, gather with their families behind a huge table plenty of tasty food and also read a prayer altogether. The table is also laid in a special way. There are some rules ad traditions, upon which there must be special dishes prepared.

When is First day of Passover 2022, calendar

Many people make a mistake when speaking about Jewish Easter as about a usual Easter. We all must clearly understand that according to the history of any nation and Jewish nation too, there are different reasons for this holiday. That is why those people are mistaken, who mix it or do not know historical facts. Jewish Easter is treated like a holiday of freedom and has its own background, which we described earlier.

What concerns the date itself, or better to say, a period of time, this year it will begin April 8th and will last until April 16th. Now you will know, when is First day of Passover 2022.


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