Have you ever tried to do the origami? Was an attempt successful? Probably, most of us, having failed to create the decent thing of the paper, gave up on the idea of folding the sheets in an intricate way once and for all.

In fact, what we were lacking back then is a bit of the diligence and a tad of the skill. Let’s learn when is National Origami Day in 2022 and spirit ourselves up for the next try!


The art of paperfolding appeared in Japan right after the locals got to know the paper. It is exactly them – the Japanese – not the neighbors who invented the paper – came to the idea of using the material as the source of inspiration. First, the exquisite and valuable thing was used only in the various religious observances. The words “paper” and “God” sound alike in the Japanese language, that’s why they gave all the items that were made of the material the sacred meaning.

In the cloisters, people began to fold the unusual figures. The symbolized the different deities, animals, persons, even the seasons, and the natural phenomena. The act of tearing the sheet was believed to be the sin and it was always used wholly.

Origami Birds

The origami was not just the way of the pastime or the entertainment for the hands. Developing through the centuries, it absorbed the philosophy of the country, with the eastern beliefs underlying the art. The special role in the evolution of the activity was played by the Buddhism. It was widely spread only in the 13th century when the paper entered the every continent of the world thus having made the prices drop. Step by step, the models and figures left the walls of the monasteries and the temples and met the life of the grassroots.

The art of gracefully folding the paper was quick to win the hearts of the feudal country’s citizens. With time, it was received as the sign of the good manners, proper upbringing, and exemplary education. Japan really deserved the right to be called the mother of this activity. It is there where the ABCs of the art were laid and the classic principles were proclaimed. On top of that, it is the country where the classic school of the paperfolding was established.

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Of course, we can’t claim that the origami is a true Japanese activity. There are a lot of the lands that can boast their expertise in creating the beauty of the paper, too. Together with the material, the activity conquered the whole world. It entered the Americas, Italy, Denmark, Korea and many other countries under the sun. Just like in its homeland, the art suited the taste of the noble families and the common folks.

It also became the favorite hobby and, in a sense, the purpose of life for one woman from the US named Lillian Oppenheimer. She was so inspired by the art of creating the wonders of the sheet of paper that came up with the idea of uniting all those adoring the origami. And she managed to fulfill her intention which later resulted in the establishing of the OrigamiUSA association. Up until these days, the organization serves the purpose of promoting the inspiring power of the art and educating people on the rich history of the simple move of folding the paper.

When is International Origami Day 2022? In the 2000’s, the member of the group suggested the worldwide organization, headed by Japan, to hold the celebration, called Origami Day, in honor of Lillian, on October 24. However, there has already been carved a space in the Japanese calendar for this holiday. So, they decided that there would be not the day, but the days dedicated to the art, lasting from the date of Lillian’s birthday – in October – until the Japanese observance.

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What does Origami Day mean? It means appreciating the fact that this ancient activity for our hands and brains traveled a long and glorious road to our days.

With the help of that technique, the children develop the figurative and logical mentality, the inventiveness and fantasy. The use of the origami elements simplifies the process of education, diversifies it and implants the interest for the classes. In the middle of the 20th century, the Japanese created the first origami student book for the pupils. It is widely known for winning its way to the trust both of the teachers and students.

The art is perfectly suitable for helping with learning the disciplines at schools. For instance, the pupils tend to understand the math quicker, especially the geometry, the basics of architecture and other areas. Having mastered the skills, they can use this in such fields of the life as the advertisement, table appointments, gift wrapping, etc. That’s why the young ladies were made to learn the outlines of the technique. It was believed that every educated woman must be able to make the pretty figures of the paper.

Moreover, the art is used in the entertainment industry. Remember the traditions of celebrating the New Year in some countries. This is the period when the paperfolding resurrects. The techniques are known for making the prettiest ornaments for the New Year tree while amusing the playful kids with the time-consuming activity. Regardless of what day Origami Day in 2022 happens on, don’t underestimate the power of the art in the everyday life!


Just like any other branch of the art, this one didn’t stop developing once it reached its peak in the 12th century. It constantly evolved, saving up the experience and traditions of the generations. There were numerous schools created that differed at the locations and the innovatory ideas.

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Nowadays, the technique still uses the paper and also includes the metal and foil, providing the more creative and amusing touches to the models. The paper is subject to the mechanical damage and the authors want to extend the longevity of their inventions.

Origami Flowers

The thinnest paper is comfortable to work with yet the shape it performs stands badly. To fix that, the skilled ones invented the new technique curiously called the silver sandwich. “Sandwich” is because it uses the effect of the multilayer; “silver” is because the most crucial among the layers is the one made of the foil.

The interesting kind of the art is presented by the geniuses who create the tiniest masterpieces. Under the loupe and other magnifying tools, they fold the amazing figures and models that can fit on the ball of the thumb!

What is the date of Origami Day 2022? According to the Japanese calendar, it’s set on November 11. Thus we see that Origami Days lasts from October 24 to November 11.


There are two ways of celebrating the holiday. Either you learn how to fold the paper properly with the help of the Internet or… you just fold the paper properly!

By the way, do you know that the most frequently made figure in the art is that of the crane? It is long considered to be the symbol of the longevity and happiness. It is definitely the important and heartwarming sign. Not so long ago, it obtained another meaning. It became the symbol of eradicating the atomic weapon threat and the radiation sickness.

Are you skillful enough to make you own crane on that honored day?

World Origami Day Facts

  • It is known that the Russian Emperor Nicholas II was a big fan of the paperfolding art.

Mark in the calendar, when is Origami Day in 2022, and remember that it is about the flow of the inspiration, not about the result!


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