Jewish traditions provide the existence of people’s ceasing once a week. This tradition is observed not only in Judaism but also by Christians. The sense of the occasion roots into the religious teaching. It happens every week. It is observed with strict traditions. When is The Sabbath in 2022? What are the ways of its observation?

The historical backgrounds of the Sabbath appearance

Hebrew variant of the day’s name is Shabbat. The day is well-known among all nationalities. The mankind understands this tradition very well. The word means “cease” or “rest”. The creation of the world took 6 days. The next day was made a rest from work. God said people to have a rest once a week. Thus, the Jewish do it on Saturday evening. God blessed birds, animals, then he blessed a man and then rested.

The Sabbath

Other religions have such days too though they are based on other reasons. The truth is that Egyptians didn’t know the Jewish legend, but they observed a lunar month. Such belief was appropriate for the Assyrians. They had a rest on the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th day of the calendar. These days got a holy status in an Assyrian calendar. People didn’t work or eat meat dishes. The calendar of Babylon also had a weekly observed Sabbath, on which people didn’t work, followed certain restrictions.

Christian variant of the day is full of pray and great joy. People devote the occasion to finding a deep sense of belief in God. The aim of the day in Judaism is similar to the Christian tradition. The Jews observe it according to 10 Commandments. On the day the congregants come to read the Torah. People try not only to enjoy the rest. They enrich themselves.

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Praying on the occasion isn’t a strict obligation. Real Jews pray several times every day without making a pause. Another thing is clothing and eating. People try to prepare their food beforehand. Their clothes are freer and more festive.

If you don’t know the answer for the question “What day The Sabbath in 2022?”, try to find the information in the internet. In various religious traditions it’s on Saturday. The Sabbath is an ordinary day-off. In ancient times the Jews were thought to be lazy because they wanted to rest on the 7th day of every week. It was a typical rest-day for wealthy people, not for workers.

How to note the occasion

The Jews consider every Friday a Preparation Day. People usually use it for preparing their appearance. They do a haircut, take a bath, clean, beautify their homes. The start of the Sabbath is in the sunset. People light candles a half an hour before the sunset.

The moment arrival is announced by a prayer service which is named the Kabbalat Sabbath service. Families gather at festive tables. It’s a custom to sing 2 songs before it. The 1st song greets angels which are thought to come to the house. The 2nd song praises a good hostess who prepares the house and dinner for the Sabbath. The woman of the house usually prepares traditional festive dishes and meals, challah and wine. All the dishes are blessed before eating. The woman of the house also lights 2 candles in order to remember and observe the Sabbath as God willed. When is The Sabbath 2022? Foreigners can watch the traditions every Saturday.

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The tradition of lighting the candles in the houses may be widened. Some families prefer to light more than 2 candles. The amount of them may coincide with the number of children.

The usual number of festive meals is three. On Friday the Jews have a late dinner, on Saturday they have festive meals twice (lunch and late dinner). Nice clothes are obligatory for the Jews on the Sabbath. Synagogue services are attended by the Jews. There’re also three main Sabbath services in each synagogue. If the fasting coincides with the Sabbath, it is postponed. People who are in mourning shouldn’t show it to the public during the Sabbath. People shouldn’t talk about business, money and other unpleasant things. Main restrictions concern main domestic chores.

The Sabbath

Challah is to be prepared beforehand, on Friday, the Preparation Day. It symbolizes manna which was given to the Jews in a double amount during their journey across the desert. Fish and meat are let on Saturday lunch. In the evening people prefer to eat light food, such as dairy. The Sabbath is considered to come after the appearance of 3 stars on the sky.

What is the date of The Sabbath 2022? The answer can be given with the use of calendar, because it happens every Saturday.

Main facts about the day

There are some certain facts that can help to understand the Jewish traditions of the day:

  • There is a misunderstanding that Sunday is the 7th day of a week. It’s not confirmed by the Jewish calendar. Sunday begins a week.
  • People don’t own the Sabbath. The Master of the day is only God.
  • The following of the rest-day is obligatory because God followed it.
  • Resurrection of Christ is on Sunday.
  • The Roman Catholics moved the day. They appointed it on Sunday.
  • God appointed the day by giving 10 Commandments to the congregation.
  • The Jewish people try to finish affairs till Friday evening.
  • Rabbis led the Sabbath services in all their communities.
  • Friday sundown is the moment of the beginning of the Sabbath. It runs until sundown on Saturday.
  • The Jewish kids don’t understand praying. The original prayers are in Hebrew.
  • Jewish mothers always say to their children, who don’t come in time for the Sabbath dinner that all the lighted candles are made of their tears.
  • People who belong to other religions are always welcome to the Sabbath dinner.
  • One of the main scores of the Sabbath is promoting families to gather at the festive table.
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People can attend festive services with asking “When is The Sabbath in 2022, calendar of services” beforehand.


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