We all know, what are the hugest holidays in the world, which all people observe. But very often we do not take into consideration and believe that traditions of this or that holiday are the same in different countries. But it is not true and it is very important for every nation to treat their peculiarities and follow them. It is more important if religion is a part of the holiday. The example is an Islamic New Year, about which we will speak in the further article. We will speak about it, about its traditions and celebrations and certainly, will find out, when is Muharram in 2024. Muharram is the name of Islamic New Year, which is celebrated in many countries by Islamic communities.

How has the holiday began

As it is maybe well-known fact that Muslimsโ€™ holiday is organized according to their own Islamic calendar. It is very strict and all the holidays are counted upon this calendar. It is rather different from European or American counting and may seem a bit difficult for simple people. But Muslims do not have any difficulties in this counting and strictly obey all these schedules and timetables together with all restrictions, connected with this or that holiday.


We all know that New Year is a holiday of happiness, smiles, and joy. All countries celebrate it practically at the same time of the year and people prepare for it beforehand and want to spend it as happy as possible. But in Muslimโ€™s world, the thing are totally different. The New Year is celebrated for months and the date of it is counted at the first day of the month. Islamic people always know well, what day Muharram in 2024 is. This holiday is rather tragic, without any bright and loud celebrations.

It all may seem strange, but their New Year is connected not with the beginning of new year, but with a range of events, which took place at this month during past times.ย  As these events are not well-known in the world except Islamic people, there is not sense to name them without telling their history. In brief, these events were connected with battles, wars, and deaths of great people. It is always a tragic moment for a country and its people when they suffer from war, many people die and the life changes a lot. The deaths of people, who influence the life of the country, are also not easy to live through. Together with such difficult situations, Islamic people are extremely close to religion, that is why their feeling towards such events are even more strong that a usual.

So, it happened so that during the months of New Year Muslims suffered a range of such difficult events. That is why they couldnโ€™t just leave it and try to make some time to commemorate all the events and honor those people, who died or suffered there. So, they made such a holiday and till now everybody knows, when is Muharram 2024.

Traditions and celebrations of the holiday

So, concerning the holiday itself, it may be quite understandable that in different countries it may be treated differently. For example, in those countries, where Muslims are not native citizens and live in the communities, this holiday is not an official one and they do not have a day off. It is an official holiday only in Islamic countries. That is why, in such countries like the USA, for example, usual people, those, who have other religions, do not celebrate it.

Also, it has been mentioned that the holiday lasts not for one day or a couple of days as in the whole world. Here people celebrate it for the whole month. There are several months in a year, four to b concrete, during which the most important holidays are celebrated and every Muslim knows about it. But most of such holidays have strict rules, which people always obey are afraid of violating them. But in the case of Islamic New Year, the situation is a bit different. As it is a sad holiday, full of mourning, there exist some recommendations, which are better to be done during this time. But they are not rules and people do them or not just according to their own feelings and beliefs.


For example, Muslims try to prove their faith through fasts. Those, who canโ€™t withstand a fast are treated as if their faith is not strong or fair enough. At this holiday situation is the same. Many people choose fast through the whole month. Also, an important part of peopleโ€™s lives at this time is praying. Muslims pray as much time as they only can and pay a lot of time and attentions towards this point. They treat it extremely important and pray really sincerely and purely. So, they count, what is the date of Muharram 2024, and obey to all these rules during the whole its period.

Also, there are strict rules concerning this period, like, for example, people do not have a right to have wars or fighting. It is very important. In such a way they are able to show their tolerance towards other people, nationalities and to honor those, who died in wars and fighting.

By the way, really many Muslims choose to obey these rules, pray several times a day and keep to fast. This time is very important for them and they are sincere in their feelings. They try to make as many good deeds as possible, like charity or donating. Also, one day within this time โ€“ the tenth, is treated like the main one in the whole month and people are obliged to obey all these rules, like fasting and special praying.

So, to know more about the holiday and count the dates of when is Muharram in 2024, the calendar will help you. Concerning this particular year, its first day will be observed on August 20.


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