When is National Serpent Day in 2020? โ€“ This is quite unusual question and only a few people are able to answer it correctly. And, by the way, usually they are represented by various scientists and students of corresponding departments, zoo staff and personnel of different museums. Many common people face with poisonous snakes really seldom. And they donโ€™t regret about it. Lovers of picking berries and mushrooms can meet them in the woods.

As a rule, at each encounter with a snake, a person experiences instinctive fear. In fact it’s really clear, as nothing good is expected from these creatures. You can hear the most incredible stories about them and that is why we have decided to investigate the situation in details.


Trying to discover the question โ€œWhat is the date of Serpent Day 2020?โ€ we should give our readers a lot of information about the historical background of this event.

We understand this quite well, but unfortunately we havenโ€™t managed to discover any facts about this special occasion appearance as well as about its establishers.

Among the representatives of ancient civilizations, the symbolism of a serpent could have many various and rather unusual meanings. Some nations saw in them negative creature, others – positive or even protective.


The appearance of these reptiles on the planet is attributed to the Cretaceous, but their ancestors, the so-called ancient lizards appeared much earlier, in the Paleozoic. The first reptiles originated in Africa over 200 million years ago, spreading further throughout the world, except Antarctica.
These animals habitat is represented byย tropical areas, forests, steppes, mountain slopes and foothills. Reptiles can live in water, on land and in trees. Sea snakes went deep into the ocean, leaving offspring away from coastal zones. Reptiles also populate freshwater lakes and rivers. The species variety of snakes has about 3 thousand, which are united in 23 families.

A reptile, found in almost all mythologies and representing a highly complex and universal symbol with a pronounced ambivalence: a serpent can simultaneously bear polar and, apparently, mutually exclusive values.


What does Serpent Day mean? Oh, are you really sure that we can answer this question instead of you? Well, we find this idea impossible. Why? โ€“ The matter is that we donโ€™t even imagine your attitude to these creatures. As you understand among the representatives of the contemporary society there are a lot of those, who donโ€™t like or even hate these living beings. Of course, these men and women are not going to be involved.

Up to the present moment only few people know about such a profession as a herpetologist. What is studying herpetology? This question is asked by almost every third person. This profession studies habits of reptiles, structure and their biological features. A person who deals with reptiles is called a herpetologist.

Terrarium animals have less popularity than cats and dogs, therefore, there are very few specialist doctors for reptiles. Ordinary veterinarians do not have the proper qualifications for specialized treatment of reptiles. That is because of the fact that such animals have a special anatomical structure and physiological feature, which radically distinguishes them from typical pets.

If the creature is ill by something, then it must be observed by an experienced specialist who, in a short period of time, restores the health of the reptile.



Discussing the matter concerning, what day Serpent Day in 2020 is, we want to bunk one very popular wrong belief.

Not everybody knows that all kinds of venomous snakes are not the first creature to attack a human being. As a rule, they try to crawl away as soon as possible. And, of course, they do not chase us. Of course, if the snake is persistently persecuted, grabbed by the hand or pressed with the foot, it will use its terrible teeth. But after all, even the mouse, if you take it in your hands, will bite you!

In any, even the most serpentine place, a little attention during the walking will help you to avoid the bite. First of all the snake behavior when it meets a human being depends on the temperature of its body.

When the weather is cool, cloudy or rainy, the creatures are cooled, and as a result their movements are somewhat slow and a bit uncertain. The snake takes a pose of threat – it is tangled into a ball (all snakes, except cobra do it), loud hisses, sometimes wide open mouth and makes a lunging towards the approaching person. In this case there is no any serious danger.

Another thing is in dry and hot weather, when the serpents are warm and active. Frankly speaking, we should mention that even the active snake, having noticed a person from afar, usually tries to crawl away to the nearest shelter.


When is Serpent Day in 2020, calendar is always ready to remind you. And it is not very difficult in fact, as this occasion is always kept on February 1st. All in all there are no any official events devoted to this specific holiday. But, of course, it is not a problem indeed. Do you want to be involved? โ€“ You are always welcome. โ€“ Organize something special, invite your family members, friends or even colleagues from work and you will get unforgettable experience.

Black Serpent

Nowadays the content of reptiles at home has become fashionable among all segments of the population. People who love exotic animals acquire various snakes, lizards and crocodiles in their collections. Are you going to be among of them? โ€“ Devote this day to the discovery of the creatures then. However, remember that this hobby is not cheap. Such pets require special attention, as the terrarium should be kept warm, and, own for each reptile. Proper climatic conditions are difficult to create either.

Do you know how to spend this day in a proper way? โ€“ There are many ways to do this. Everything depends on your level of imagination. You can visit a museum or specialized exhibition. Some people prefer to go to the zoo, where it is possible to find out a lot of amazing facts about these creatures.

National Serpent Day Facts

Investigating the matter โ€œWhen is International Serpent Day 2020?โ€ we would like to give our readers some important recommendations.

In accordance with the specialistsโ€™ points of view, there are no any serious reasons to be afraid of all the serpents. These creatures prefer not to meet people at all, but if it happens, the living being will try to disappear as soon as it can. If nothing frightens them any more, then within 10-15 minutes it will craw out of the shelter again and, having looked around, fall back to the same place where it has been lying before.

The snake’s movements are sharp and fast. If at this time it is being persecuted, and there is nowhere to hide, it defends itself: crouching in a ball, throws its head in the direction of the pursuer with a hiss. However, while doing so, it tries to approach any hiding place and disappear there.

With persistent persecution, the serpent becomes afraid and quite dangerous. Quickly squeezing into a ball and immediately straightening at full length, as if jumping over the ground, it tries to approach the pursuer. Its movements are so fast that it is difficult to follow them. In such cases, the snake attacks a person. But the creature does this only by defending itself and only when it has nowhere to hide.


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