Each year, nearly a billion people on the planet celebrate this popular festival of Janmashtami, or the Day of Sri Krishna, author of the famous scripture Bhagavad-gita. Ancient Vedas called Sri Krishna Supreme God. This day is very beneficial to fast until midnight. In the West, the feast is called the Indian New Year.

The date of the birth of Krishna is considered to be July 19 3228 BC. According to legend, Krishna took birth at midnight on the eighth day of the month of Shravan (July-August), when the Chandra (Moon) was decreasing. When the time of his birth, all the planets occupied the most favorable position. At this point, everywhere a favorable atmosphere for peace and prosperity was established. The sky could be seen favorable signs, happiness reigned in the land. And you should know when Krishna Janmashtami is in 2024.

Krishna Janmaashtami

History of the holiday

Sri Krishna Janmashtami is the emergence day of Lord Krishna, which occurred in Mathura, India, 5000 years ago. To the south of New Delhi, Mathura is located approximately 90 miles.

Lord Krishna appeared on our planet, but we should not think that he was born the same way as we are born. There are 8.4 million species of life, and as long as we exist in the material world, we are reborn from one species into another over and over again, getting a different body. The birth of Krishna is different: it comes in His original spiritual body.

Therefore Krishna says that His birth should not be seen as a normal and a special phenomenon. One who understands this immediately will bereleased from the material world. How to realize this truth? “Bhagavad-Gita” explains it.

All Hindus celebrate Janmashtami, irrespective of whether or not they are Vaisnavas. The holiday is feasted in each house, in the same way as in Western countries Christmas is feasted. What day is Krishna Janmashtami in 2024? It is on August 11th.


When is Krishna Janmashtami 2024? Date of the high day is changeable, and each year it is calculated pursuant to the moon calendar, to billions of people have been able to celebrate Janmashtami and so find new hope. Pursuant to the Gregorian calendar, Janmashtami is celebrated in August-September. “Janma” in Sanskrit means “birth”, “astami” – “the eighth day”. There are many holiday customs in different parts of the country.

  • In South cities of India, Janmashtami is a family holiday, which brings together all family, something like Christmas or Thanksgiving Day in Western countries. From early morning Krishna murti washed, placed in a cradle and conducted a ceremony of worship to Him;
  • In the north cities of the Indian subcontinent, the existence of Krishna is feasted a little differently: here Janmashtami is noisy, vivid action, reminds a carnival. A fun may continue for a few days. With special respect, Janmashtami is celebrated in Mathura and Vrindavan, where, according to legend, Krishna passed his childhood. In these days Krishna are honored as the God of dance, but because of the principal element of the holiday is the theatrical scene “Rasa Lila”, during which the young Krishna dancing with the young shepherdesses (gopis) in the moonlight is revived in the memory. “Rasa-Lila” resurrect before the eyes of the spectator’s funny pranks beloved shepherd of God, winning the evil demon;
  • But in state Maharashtra (central India) a popular custom of “Dahi Janda” dramatizes the little tricks of Krishna. Pots with delicious yogurt hang on ropes high up on the ceiling (Dahi Janda) and by the joyful singing, “Govinda, Govinda” (the name of Krishna, meaning “to bring joy to the cows”), the kids build under pots “pyramid” to reach the yogurt (so it likes to steal little Krishna).

Krishna Janmaashtami

The head of the main temple of Udupi Krishna Matham observes a complete fast on this day, but at night, when the moon rises, bathes and holds a special puja to Sri Krishna, during which the Lord offers a variety of sweets. The next day, after a special morning puja, the assembled guests hand out treats. When Krishna Janmashtami is in 2024, calendar shows us that it is Tuesday.

And at noon, the procession is carried out – a clay murti of Lord Krishna are placed on a golden chariot with golden ornaments and driven by luxuriously decorated for the occasion of the central area of Udupi. On the square numerous arches are erected to generate and break clay pots with colored water, sweets, and yogurt. Actors organize pantomime, disguise themselves in costumes and masks and amuse the audience.

After the carnival, local Brahmins organize a holiday for themselves. They organize various competitions, water each other colored water and then bathe. At the end of the holiday, a clay murti of Krishna dip into the lake Madhva, and distribute Ladd for a crowd. Ladd is the delicacy of pea flour and sugar.

Krishna Janmaashtami history

At this time in the street fun reigns – women in colorful saris, men in the best clothes bypass the temple and sing in chorus. There are  defiles of gorgeous parade of chariots, elephants, camels and … jeeps. The master of ceremonies carries candelabras on their heads, and bands played rousing marches.

In the Janmashtami the post is hold until midnight, and then, at the appointed hour, treats from 108 dishes are handed out. This are fried in butter cakes, and steamed vegetables with spices and fried cheese, and fruit salads, and rice in sweet milk with camphor, and balls of cottage cheese and honey syrup, and many other equally delicious dishes, almost unknown to Europeans.

But if you for a moment distracted to get away from the noisy, festive streets and peek into the windows of houses, you will find that Janmashtami is quite a Home Based and a family holiday as the deity of Krishna is in every house. And, without exaggeration, it is a full member of the family, which requires love and caring and responsible people in the same.

Now you know what the date of Krishna Janmashtami is in 2024.

Birth of Krishna is the unique event. This is a holiday of the soul, which forever free, loving and happy.


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