There are a few main religious in our world. Each of them has its own feasts. For example, Hinduism has Ratha-yatra. It’s one of the most important feasts in this religion. Lots of people get together in the Jagannath’s temple in the Puri and worship him. After that Jagannath is exported from the church on the huge chariot. Usually people celebrate it in June or July. But when is Rath Yatra in 2024? It’s in June.

If we turn to legends, we’ll know that Jagannath has expressed his desire to visit “Gundica Ghar” every year. It’s not strange, because it is his birthplace. To fulfill his will, people decided to make the annual procession of chariots with the wood deities. In course of time it turned into the religious holiday.

Rath Yatra 2017


Every year Rath-yatra is changing its date. And every day in June or July can become the “red” day. And now we have got one question: “What day is Rath Yatra in 2024?” The answer is 26th June. But there is one feature – fest will start on the 23th June and will be continuing until the 24th (inclusively).

However, the date is not exact. Nevertheless it varies between the 6rt July and the 26th (rarely the 25th) June. Maybe you would like to know this relation. Well, June and July are the month Ashadha (according to the Indian calendar).


If we look at a dictionary, we will see that “rath” means “chariot”, and “yatra” means “procession” or “parade”. In Indian epics Warriors were moving by raths. During the fest these chariots look like churches. There are new raths every year.

Each year more than 500 000 pilgrims come to Puri from the whole world. In the past Indians jumped under the chariots’ wheels. The reason is that legend says: “Who was killed like that, gets a freedom and returns to the spirit’s world. So the pelt rims weren’t an expectation, so they were also throwing under the wheels”.

Rath-yatra is unique – this is the greatest feast in the Hinduism. It is celebrated in honour of the Supreme Deity, which was born in the Kali-Yuga to liberate humanity and to save people from their suffering. Firstly people were worshipping Jagannatha in the banyan tree. The tree’s branches were spreader to several miles, and no one, who came to this place beneath them, immediately attains liberation and deliverance from the heavy load of birth and reincarnation. And if you want to see this by your own, you know when Rath Yatra is  in 2024 – just buy tickets for June 26th.


One of the Puranas – Skanda-Purana contains lots of poems. And there is the whole section, which is called “”Utkala-Kanda”. It reports the city of Jagannatha Puri, his story, Jagannatha’s story and Ratha-yatra’s story. Here we can see Jagannatha said to Maharaj Indradyumna: “Being happy to your service, being happy with your love and devotion, I appeared in this world in the full moon of the month Ashadha”. It is around the end of June. And when God appeared before he was established, there were the first ceremony which name was “Snana Yatra”. It was the bathing ceremony. When these forms were brought before people, and there were paved in due form.

Rath Yatra

After that the Lord took the new tradition – being sick for a few days. After the bathing he catches a cold, and then he is closed at the temple for a few days. During this time he is watered with all kinds of hot drinks. It’s his game. At the end he goes to the first Rath Yatra. It took place on June 28th. And as you know, the right answer to the question “What is the date of Rath Yatra 2024?” is June 26th.


  • Once a decade, some new wooden sculptures are made. Then the mysterious object moves into them. This occurs because wooden statues gradually deteriorates (they stay in a humid climate, exposes to the adverse effects created by the environment). A human, who makes the transfer of the so-called rite of Krishna’s remains should be blindfolded and with shook hands with a cloth. The Indians noticed that the man, who does this after the rite lives less than a year. That’s why this honorable mission is given to the priests, who has already crossed the ninetieth year of his life. Jagannatha’s chariot (on which he is being removal) is very heavy. This is the reason why it is being moved by the crowd. During the procession each Hindu seeks to touch the sacred wagon, because this action is like committing several good deeds.

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