In India and other countries commemorate the holiday of the Hindu Sri Rama Navami is the birthday of Rama, which falls on 9 days growing Moon of the month of Chaitra. Rama is the next after the sixth reincarnation or the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. When negativity has increased to such an extent that nature could no longer tolerate it anymore, mother earth appealed to Vishnu for help to restore Dharma is life in accord with natural law. In order to know when is Navami in 2022, we should learn more facts about it.

The history of the holiday

Navami celebration dedicated to rituals of praise of Lord Rama. So what really mean this holiday? It is believed that the Lord himself is as a person in those periods on our planet, where the laws of morality, laws being laws, the creation of the world when the world’s population ceases to follow the laws and respect the moral principles. He is to return people to this knowledge, restore the laws.

Navami 2018


The phenomenon of Lord Rama is truly unique because the Lord is your life in the human body has shown all kinds of execution of karma. To date, all the laws and principles written in the Ramayana. It is read by all believers in a State of meditation, reflection on the subject of the life stages of Lord Rama.

Rama was born into a pious family, the family of the King. In Ramayana reflected many significant periods in the life of the Lord. There is a striking example of how he performed the duty of son, husband, as his wife performed the duty of eternal his companion, how it was made. EPIC events indeed unfolded in tragic circumstances, the heroes have experienced incredible test that every person under force to survive.

Vishnu incarnated in the frame the son of Dzhatarathi, King of the solar dynasty ruling in Ayodhya. On the Frame are spoken of as the incarnation of the Dharma, the incarnation of light of higher mind, illuminating the diversity aspects of life, all communications and relationships, keeping the oneness underlying all of this diversity.

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Rama, said Maharishi, is this all Brama, integrity of being, this Dharma-the light of natural law, which directs the evolution and manages the entire life on Earth. The structure of natural law referred to in the Veda, is reflected in the structure of the human body. Physiological matched Frame is somatosensory and extra sensory-motor cortex part of the brain that carries out the functions of control movements.

Frame-perfect ruler lives in each of us. Rama commits control signals of Vishnu, sent to all parts of the body. The physical structure of the brain, which corresponds to the frame count and carries out all movements of the body properly. All of the actions that we take, providing goal achievement. When Vishnu in his incarnation of the frame, fully awakened in our consciousness, Physiology, all our actions in harmony with natural law and always fruitful. Now, we know about the history of the festival, but it is not enough to learn what day Navami in 2022 happens.

Meditation and the essence of the holiday

History Frame is contained in Raman, which refers to the branches of Vedic literature, called Vikihasa. The whole story, describing the life of Rama, the relationship aspects of his life, can be seen in the structures and processes of our physiology. The Ramayana, Maharishi said, leads to enlightenment, she makes a perfect man, society, and the world. In the realm of Frames no one suffered, says Ramana.

If the throne frames, perfect ruler in our brains, in our heart, in every cell of our body, it is, said Maharishi, eliminates pain and makes life perfect. Through us light perfection Frame feels our environment, it neutralizes any negativity. All his noble qualities are evident in our behavior, strength and confidence are present in all our actions. Reach that allows us to meditation and other Vedic technologies of consciousness. As well as which consciousness and body sound the Vedas. And now let’s hear the Vedic hymns to celebrate the day of Sri Rama Navami and revive all the quality Frames. So, when is Navami 2022 commemorated?

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In the beginning, you start talking about energy, that these energies are moving and working. Then you’re talking about the third energy that created us. So we appeared and you talk about yourself, controlling portions, which controls you, the ghost. Therefore, whether you stick to the abstract lines it’s going to be very attractive, I assure you. Then, understanding, as soon as you said about energy, about the fact that it’s inside you, people start to feel a kind of this energy. This energy can be used to do a variety of things, and then after that, you should bring her in Sahadzhu yoga. But first, it’s worth to talk about abstract, because of some Indians and Westerners, among others. They are fed up with religion and all those things, so if you’re talking about religion, it creates problems.

That is why at the beginning of the Vedas when they were written, they haven’t talked about God or gods. They talk about God, about the creator, but only about Sri Ramadi, on the right side. We are almost close to knowing: “What is the date of Navami 2022?”

In the mantras are talking about Earth, Earth-chakra, the ability to burn. Then they speak of greatness and great people. Then says about you, about the person who you have become, a man who is attached to the designer. It further States that you must pass through Surya. And all described in an abstract manner. And then you reach harmony, as talked about all the chakras.

But if we talk about the abstract side, people have no objection, they listen and say that it is very interesting. There is no religion per se, what we used to represent it.

Navami celebration

Who is Sri Rama Navami?

When are the Havana is jagnija? Jagnija means, using what you learn. Gnija means to know. And this happens when you use the word Swaha. This means that using the principle of fire to burn all that is bad in itself. You are prompting this, reading the various names of God.

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It started during the reign of Sri Rama. Today Sri Rama Navami. It is more correct to say that it is not started, and heavily used in times when Shri Rama lived. And while often arranged jagni. The problem was that people began to realize that there is something higher and that the need to worship the Supreme being, how visionaries have said. They believed that the best way is to conduct jagniy.

On the left side of the people began to worship God, sanctification, and stuff like that, that is bhakti. But what they have done is basically to Sri Rama is jag Nii, Vedas, they prayed for the various elements. Elements created a chakra. And they tried to awaken the god’s elements, but in fact, it goes back to the same.

So, as a child of Shri Rama studied with a very great holy man. And when he studied him, the holy name of Sri Vashistha. Sri Rama studied with Sri Vasishthi and on holidays they returned to the Palace of his father. Then he had the ability to kill a demon only one arrow. One-booms Sri Rama was enough. He was then only 7-8 years. People are amazed at how he manages. Therefore, when they conducted jag Nii, these activities were conceived in order to awaken the deities inside the vertebral column.

Thus, we now know about the origins of the holiday and its implementation date Navami in the year 2022. If you want to know, when is Navami in 2022, calendar of the moon will tell you? It is on Sunday, the 2nd of April. It is a Festival of light, harmony, and purity. It should celebrate with a pure heart, getting rid of all the negativity, stored inside.


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