Israel’s Independence Day in 2022 is on Tuesday, the 2nd day of the fifth month. But you need to know the additional details about when is Israel’s Independence Day in 2022? In many ancient calendars, the day number is replaced at sunset. Thus, next year this holiday will begin the evening of April 16. And the celebration will continue in the morning of the next day until evening.

In 2016 It was on Thursday, the 12th of May, because this event does not have a fixed date and is celebrated it every year at different times. The date is calculated as follows. The starting point is the 5th day of the Jewish month of Iyar, and the holiday is celebrated the next Thursday, Wednesday or Tuesday. In 2019 it will be on Thursday, the 28th of April.

Israel's Independence Day 2017

So now you know in what day Israel’s Independence Day in 2022 will come. But it’s certainly not all, we will tell you the main traditions of this important holiday. This is the most important national holiday in Israel. As usual everyone is trying to get to the synagogue, where prayers are recited. In synagogues, visitors are introduced to the history of the Jewish people, and so on. In the evening, the military entertains with military equipment, parades, fireworks and concerts take place on the main streets and squares. Many businesses, organizations, government agencies, and ordinary people in their windows, hang Israeli flags. Also, they have an interesting custom – they beat each other with an inflatable hammer and foam spray.

This is the only official holiday which is a day off in Israel, when urban transport is working, and the population, who observe Jewish religious traditions, can ride in cars and light a fire. All things considered, this holiday is celebrated in mass departure with picnics.

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The ceremony begins with the evening sunset in the square on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem, where 12 torches are lit. They symbolize the 12 tribes of Israel, thereby completing the yom hazikaron. So the celebration of Israel’s Independence Day opens. During the ceremony, the Israeli flag is raised to the top of the flagpole, thus starting the official celebration. The ceremony also includes an art piece and show of bearers (in which IDF bearers create complex shapes with flags in the square).

The International Competition of the Tanakh, in which Jewish youth from different countries participate, is held in the great hall of the Jerusalem Theater. Research in the field of literature, art is awarded. And imagine that all across the country – on buildings, cars, open spaces – show the state flags. Religious Jews, recognizing the state of Israel, read the special prayer and the obligatory prayer, symbolizing national liberation of Israel. You will enjoy seeing what is the date of Israel’s Independence Day 2022.

A bit of history

The Day when is Israel’s Independence Day 2022 is the main national holiday. Recall that this was the time when World War 2 was ended, and the world was celebrating the victory over Nazism. In this war, only a third of almost nine million of the Jewish community in Europe survived. But the test was not over for them. After the war, the British have imposed even greater restrictions on Jewish immigration to Palestine. The answer was to create a “Jewish Resistance Movement”, whose aims were to fight with the British authorities for free entry. Despite the established British naval blockade and border patrols, from 1944 to 1948 by secret, often dangerous, routes around 85,000 people were ferried to Palestine.

The situation in the country was very unstable, almost a crisis, and the British government was forced to pass a resolution of the Palestinian problem over to the hands of the United Nations. On November 29, 1947, the UN General Assembly by a majority of votes – 33 against 13 – proclaimed a resolution of two states of Palestine. But military operations began again, Jews had to defend in arms their state.

Israel's Independence Day Fireworks

On May 14, 1948 the Declaration of Independence was read. The new State was officially named – State of Israel (Medinat Israel ). But it was only the beginning, the war lasted fifteen months. Many thousands of brave people gave their lives to maintain the existence of the State of Israel.

Two decades later from establishment of the State basically this practice of celebration with a reception with military parades was discontinued, but air and sea parades remain for this day. The Israel Air Force, as well as ships and boats of the Navy participate. Military bases are open to the public. The Israeli President conducts a ceremony rewarding soldiers for honors in military service. Air parades are held, Navy equipment demonstrated – Israel is proud of the technical equipment of the armed forces today. Also, the Israeli army is known for how much citizens are willing to serve in it. Terms and psychological climate in the Israeli army imbued with respect and honor to the employees who are ready to give their lives for the country and it is a very beneficial effect on the quality of service (which by the way women are accepted as well).

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Whether you are in big or small towns or cities, anywhere in Israel, you can visit the public festivals, and see how cheerful people take to the streets. Everywhere the music sounds. Dance groups, choirs, music ensembles perform improvised scenes. At the traditional end of the holiday there is a colorful, festive fireworks. Long before that day, you can add when is Israel’s Independence Day in 2022, calendar to your list of vacation plans or for a relaxing break.

Israel's Independence Day

Judaism Attitude

State Rabbinate created addition of Eid prayers. However, the person ratio for this holiday depends on a belonging to one of the currents within Judaism.

Currents representatives of religious Zionism and Orthodox modernism related to Independence Day as a holiday. To do this, they have logical reasons:

  1. It was the beginning of the free repatriation of the Land of Israel.
  2. There was an important step in the process of messianic redemption, created a state where the king-messiah can come.
  3. There has been a national liberation of the Jews.
  4. The Jews received the freedom to keep the commandments relating to the Land of Israel, and social system.

At the same time, some people do not celebrate the day as a holiday, and some extremists even harness national flags. Their opinion is different because:

  1. Israel was created for the most part of non-religious people.
  2. The laws of Israel are only partially based on the laws of Halacha.
  3. The Declaration of Independence does not include an unambiguous reference to God.


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