There are so many people in different countries, they travel from one country to another, change their places of living or stay in their country for the whole life. People change, races mix with each other, but still, some people save their roots and culture and don’t want to lose their nationality and are proud of who they are. Usually, the oldest inhabitants of some country live separately and make a tribe. These people have their own culture and mode of life, don’t communicate with usual citizens and don’t use any of modern communications. But still, they are treated like freemen of the country they live and have all the same rights as any other person. An example may be Canada, where people celebrate Aboriginal Day. Let’s find out, what does this day mean and when is National Aboriginal Day in 2019.

National Aboriginal Day

History and the beginning of this all

An idea of making a holiday in the honor of aborigines was born not so long time ago, in 1980es. People offered to honor those people, who’s rooting go back to the early ages of the country and who treat and develop possible national traditions, nationality, and language. Earlier people didn’t pay attention to it, but then everything changed. People found out, that it is really important to remember their roots and remember who they are and not to lose their nationality and be proud of it. It is actual in the modern world, where younger generations do not care about all these things, do not know their history and important traditions. Young people must know about it and develop consciousness. We will be able to see how it all works now, when is National Aboriginal Day 2019 coming.

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So, as we have already said, the idea of making such a holiday was born in 1980es. To be more concrete, it was 1982. But this question has been observed only in more than 10 years later – in 1995. At that time the holiday became official, but only a year later Canadian president chose the day for it and announced the name for the holiday – June 21. So, the holiday is celebrated only for a couple of decades, though this question has always been important for people and had to rise much earlier. We can call this holiday young, but we will hope that it will be celebrated for a long time more and people will not forget it and will treat with respect.

As the concrete date is known, the day may change and people not always know for sure, what day National Aboriginal Day 2019 is or any other year. In the coming year, June 21 will be Friday. In many regions, it is a weekend, but the rest of the country works at this day and rests afterward. The holiday is especially important for the northern and western parts of the country, where the hugest celebrations are held and where people have a special attitude towards it.

Traditions of the holiday’s celebration

So, there may an evident question arise – why is it particularly June 21? It is the longest day and the shortest night of the year, many people know about it. Aborigines – particularly Indians, Eskimo, and metis – know it too and they treat this day with respect. They wait for this day for the whole year and meet it with pleasure and greetings. This day is not usual, like for us in the modern world. They have a special understanding of such nature aspects.

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National Aboriginal Day

So, as this day is important for the country and people really like and understand it, there are some traditions towards its celebration. Tourists, who visit the country at this time, can also take part in it. The sense of this holiday is not just to have a rest. It is extremely important to show people their culture, traditions and other things. Also, it is important to make people proud of these traditions and history. That is why all around the country there are fairs, concerts, a lot of street food, historical and other festivals and much more. In such a way people not just have fun but know something new about their country and its inhabitants. They can find out, how these people live and what do they do for a living and why are they important for their country. All the entertainments are made in national style only. The central action of the holiday always takes part during the holiday – the extinguishing of Sacred Fire.

Aboriginal also have their own cuisine, and all the dishes are prepared during the holiday and everybody can taste any of them – goose ragout, brochette, maple syrup, steak, roast beef, etc. This all is really very-very tasty and it is worth trying.

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All the concerts and festivals are made on the biggest and largest streets of every city. Due to the tradition, at the end of the day, people can watch an extremely beautiful firework, after which people can spend time with their families or relatives.

Now you know, what is the date of National Aboriginal Day 2019 and why do the country needs this holiday.


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