When is Sukkot in 2022? – Frankly speaking, this question is among the most popular ones. Why? – The fact is that in the contemporary world there is a great amount of men and women, who are really glad to take an active part in this event. And that is the obvious reason for us to discuss the holiday in details.

First of all, just before telling you what day Sukkot in 2022 is, we would like to mention that this is a famous Jewish celebration, the name of which can be translated into English like “marquee”, “tent” or even “bushes”. As a rule Sukkot begins on the 15th day of the new year and lasts for 7 days. This is the very high time when all farmers have already ended to harvest the fields and gardens, and get the perfect and sometimes even unique opportunity to have a rest before the first rains.


Sukkot has a historical background. It is associated with the important and tragic events in history, the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt. For about forty years poor people were roaming around the hot deserted land, sick and tired. According, to the ancient data, they reached the Holy Land only seven years later. During that period the Jewish were living in the open air or staying in simple tents, called sukkots.

According to Torah rules, these holiday days the Jews should gather in Jerusalem and celebrate it widely. People, both men and women, who are lucky to live or to stay in Israel, are often on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

How is Sukkot celebrated?

On this special occasion Jews always build a hut or tent, which called a sukkah. For seven days they eat only inside a tent. Some devoted ones even spend the night there.

Unfortunately, some traditions have got lost. But nowadays even the youngest representatives know about the fact that during the festival should have 4 main plants: the etrog that is a citrus tree fruit, lulab (unopened variety of palm branch), hadass, which is myrtle and aravah, represented by willow leaves. All these plants are included into traditional bouquet, which is used by people for waving in different directions.

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What do these special plants mean?

Lulab teaches us how to receive pleasure from the relationship. But, please, pay attention that in this very case the word “lulab” means a bunch of all four plants in general.

If you ask the contemporary Cabbalists about this fact, they’ll give a simple explanation. As it has been found out these four plant species symbolize four Jews categories. Let’s discover them in details.

  1. Traditional etrog plant has the special pleasant smell and unforgettable taste. It means a modern person, a man or a woman, who knows the Torah rules well and does something kid and very good.
  2. Hadass obtains a specific odor, but is completely inedible. This is an ordinary person, who always does good things, but never studies the holy Torah.
  3. Lulab vice versa (palm) has pleasant taste but doesn’t get any smell at all. As a rule, it’s associated with a humans, who know the Torah, but completely passive as to the beautiful deals.
  4. Aravah, has neither specific taste nor definite smell. That is the reason why it always represents a man or a woman, who always does something kind and important but never studies the Torah.

During Sukkot it is recommended to combine all these 4 kinds of vegetation. You see, lulab might be kosher only when it contains all important components. If at least one is absent, the created bouquet can’t be called the lulab. It usually means that we should take all Jewish people, without any exceptions, as at a community, which is acting together.

In the bustle of the modern world, of course, there are some persons, who are unpleasant to us. But in spite of this, we should deal with them. In fact humanity is a common invisible association. This fact helps us to understand the happiness background properly, realizing that we all are combined and have to be more tolerant to each other. That is why, getting the answer to the question “When is Sukkot 2022“, you’ll understand when to celebrate a day of love, peace and kindness in general.

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Sukkot celebration

Creating a bouquet for this holiday, it is important to remember one special thing: the etrog should be kept near the willow. Is there any explanation for this tradition? – Of course, there is. – The specialists’re sure that taking into account everything mentioned above whoever has the “best” should be close to those who have “less” in order to influence properly.

Can we create a sukkah?

All in all sukkah is represented by a temporary shelter that is constructed especially for the festival. Its creation has a lot of subtleties and peculiar features. However, the main attention is paid to the roof, of course. As a rule, it is made from the waste of the threshing floor and the winery, which are the wastes from the bread and wine production. And this is for a good reason. According to the well-known tradition, it turns out that the bread means a special force called “Light of Hassadim.” Wine usually symbolizes another force – “the light of Hochma.”

Celebration and special meal

Many people around the world would like to know the answer to the set question “What is the date of Sukkot 2022?” – Why? – The explanation is quite simple in fact: because they’re going to get a proper rest, relaxation and a tasty meal this day. As a rule, Sukkot is filled with the pleasant smell of freshly cut branches and foliage, scented myrtle as well as specific etrog. During the celebration of Sukkot period the towns or typical districts, where Jews live, suddenly turn into green gardens because of the appearance of many shelters almost everywhere. These constructions are decorated with bright green plants. In sukkah, people are able to live and to feast, as well as to thank God.

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Eating bread or other flour products outside the shelter walls, you will miss the fulfillment of the Lord commandments.

By the way, Judaism allows eating fruit and candy out of the occasional constructions. You won’t also require them if you are thirsty.

Hasidim follow the custom of eating and drinking nothing outside the tent, even when it rains heavily. The representativesโ€™ value of the commandment performance helps to not feel yourselves uncomfortable.

In the evenings, when the inhabitants of the traditional structures switch the night lights on, you can see everything clearly. Along the Jewish streets there are thousands of so-called cold fires. By the way, Sukkot is considered to be the funniest holiday of all the Jewish celebrations. This fact it even mentioned in the Torah, where we can read: “You shall enjoy, this holiday is yours.” And if Passover is the time of our liberation and Shavuot is a giving of the Torah, Sukkot is a celebration of our joy and the pure happiness of the glory of the Creator.

Should we work on Sukkot?

When is Sukkot in 2022, calendar will tell us this information without any problems. – This holiday will be celebrated from October 2 and up to October 9. But it doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t go to work during all this period. Only the first and the last days are considered to be the days-off, as they symbolize the beginning and the ending of Sukkot. The rest of the week, except for the Sabbath, of course, is working.

The activities during the holiday are more or less clear; the weekdays are not very common as well. During this period the majority of Israel inhabitants work half-day, and some enterprises and companies are close. Many people prefer to take a vacation.


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