Victory Day is a holiday which is observed by the countries that took park in World War II. The scope of observance depends on the losses met by every country, efforts given in the struggle against the Nazi troops. The observance of the event also happens in different days of May. The common things are aims and ways of celebrating. When is Victory Day in 2020 in different countries? How do communities observe this event?

Historical points of Victory Day

European observation of the Nazi Germany’s fall takes place on May 8th. It’s connected with the fact that Reich’s rulers signed the capitulation act after the defeat. In fact it happened on the 7th of May. The document became effective the next day. That is why the 8th of May is considered to be the official end of World War II.

The fall of Hitler’s rule was predestined due to the united struggle of Soviet troops and European forces. The Allies conducted the offensive from two sides and led to the Nazi’s loss. After the enemy liquidation there were many warrior operations to clean up Nazi remains. Nevertheless, numerous parades in America and Europe were held in 1945 to celebrate victory.

Victory Day

In England people gathered at the Trafalgar Square where the reigning family and Winston Churchill congratulated people.  Governmental persons celebrated that grandiose event with a million of Englishmen.

Americans celebrated Victory Day with a strong festive parade. The day coincided with the birthday of H.Truman, the President of the USA. He was 61 years old then. F.D.Roosevelt had passed away earlier in April.

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The date of the 9th of May was discussed earlier. It was agreed by the Allies’ governors. But later the date moved to the 8th of May. That shift was made due to the interference of journalists who insisted on the conformity of the celebration to the historical truth. If you want to know the exact day, you should ask the internet “What day Victory Day in 2020 in Europe”. Another day is related to Victory Day. Nazi Japan was defeated some time later. The 15th of August is considered to be Victory-Japan Day.

Soviet people played a great role in the Nazi defeat. It was a country that suffered more than any other nations. The Soviet troops entered Berlin and set their colours in the city. After the end of World War II the Soviet ruler Stalin left the arranged date for following celebrations. In 1945 in Moscow a great parade was held to celebrate that great event and to commemorate the memory of fallen warriors and civilian population. World War II is also known in post-Soviet countries as the Great Patriotic War. These territories celebrate the day on the 9th of May.

The USSR always celebrated Victory Day but it wasn’t a day-off throughout the country. In the Ukrainian Republic the day was proclaimed as a day-off in 1963. Two years later the commemoration date was set as a day-off in the Russian Republic. The range of celebration varied greatly in different years depending on the authority willingness and financial possibilities. Since the USSR decay the holiday haven’t lost its public sense. When is Victory Day 2020 in Russian Federation and other post-Soviet countries? It’s celebrated on the 9th of May.

Main facts about the day that everybody should know

Interesting facts rise in accordance to the day. Some of them concern the event in general; others are connected with a certain nation. The most notable facts are the next:

  1. Victory day has several symbols. Russian public wear St. George ribbons on the day. It’s a sign of remembrance and respect to the fallen soldiers and victims of the Great Patriotic War. During the Soviet years Red Star as a medal came into a tradition during the victory ceremonies.
  2. Scarlet carnations are given to veterans and laid to the foot of numerous monuments and historic-architectural ensembles.
  3. Adolf Hitler didn’t get punishment according to the judicial award because of his suicide.
  4. The United Kingdom celebrated Victory Day separately from other holidays. 1995 was marked as the 50th anniversary of the Nazi Germany defeat, thus, it was decided to unite that Victory Day with Bank Holidays. People had long spring vacations.
  5. The Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbour was the starting point of America’s participation in World War II. It happened in 1945, on the 7th of December.
  6. The Soviet Banner which was set on the Reichstag’s roof didn’t take part itself in the Great Parade of 1945 in Moscow. It was carried to the Soviet capital later. Only in 1965 the renovated original red flag was carried on the 9th of May.
  7. If you write the request in the internet “What is the date of Victory Day 2020”, you will get 2 different dates concerning World War II, the 8th and the 9th of May.
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Victory Day

Traditional ways of celebrating

There is a tradition to celebrate Victory Day with a big military parade in many countries, especially in the former Soviet republics. Russian cities hold parades and festivities. After the parade there are many festive occasions including placing flowers and commemorating wreaths to the numerous memorials.

The biggest parade seems to be on the Red Square. Military forces march the square along with tanks and other military equipment. Veterans are always welcome to the parade. They are paid great attention from the authorities and public.

Educational establishments always do patriotic deeds on the day, lay flowers to the memorials, prepare festive programs for veterans. Television and radio don’t stand apart from commemorating process. They always propose a wide range of concerts and programs. Numerous war movies are broadcasting during Victory Day. Museums, galleries and libraries make special commemorating exhibitions.

The day always finishes with great night fireworks. Many families prefer to gather at the festive dinners or suppers. As Victory Day is a traditional day-off and the weather is usually warm, people make picnics with their relatives and friends. The best way to attend the most interesting events during the day is to share the internet “When is Victory Day in 2020, calendar of events”.


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