Yearly on January 25 around the world shotlanets, and not only they, celebrate birthday of the national poet of Scotland Robert Burns. What is the date of Robert Burns Night 2022 in itself? Let’s talk a little about traditions of this holiday.

This night deliver speeches, read verses and drink in honor of the most remarkable poet who was born in Scotland. Robert Burns became the greatest English poet who became famous thanks to the creations.

Robert Burns Night

What history of the most famous Scottish poet?

Robert Burns was born in 1759 in Scotland in a family of the simple farmer. The family was penniless, and Robert went to school irregularly, in turn with the brother because parents weren’t able to afford to pay for education of two sons at once.

However the father could employ the personal house teacher who taught them the French and English languages for the sons. It woke at Robert love to literature.

In 17 years Robert began to write verses on motives of the Scottish national songs. One Burns composed plots itself or borrowed a plot popular ballads. If to speak about a metatic of works of the legendary poet, then we can see not only creations about love, but also about freedom, the improbable nature of Scotland, and, of course, historical subject. If speak about compositions, then they had a certain ease, refinement and amazing melody.

Soon Robert married Jane Armor and they gave birth to children. Burns died, having left a family in full poverty. His death became really national grief, its coffin was followed by over 12 thousand people.

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When it is possible to feel mood of this holiday really?

Very often Europeans ask the question “in what day Robert Burns Night in 2022” changing only year. Of course, the answer is obvious – on January 25. This holiday isn’t among transitional as the holiday is celebrated at birthday of the poet.

Of course, celebrate a holiday not only in Scotland, but also in other countries where want to honor memory of such legendary creator. It is also worth mentioning that Robert Burns is so popular that each shotlands and the Americans have a book with works of this author. Since the earliest years children listen to poems and with ease repeat them. For this reason this holiday is so important for these people.

Robert Burns

When is Robert Burns Night in 2022, the scheduled plan of a grandiose holiday

After the answer to a question is received when is Robert Burns Night day 2022 wants to be known what the program (or in other words the scheduled plan) in 2022 is expected. But, not everything is so simple.

To fly a holiday really interesting in each city own program is created. Usually it is interesting poetic evenings which are spent with different competitions and the memorable accents.

Each city tries to make celebration of this day unique. For this reason each organizer seeks to add an innovation to celebration. Therefore it is worth visiting each city this day. Believe if you get for this holiday you won’t be able to forget it.


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