One of the most odd and interesting celebrations is Singles Day. It began as a day contrast to St. Valentine’s Day. Sometime later it became the greatest shopping event in the world. The holiday is rather young and gives a large opportunity for future traditions. How do people celebrate this day? When is Singles Day in 2017?

Singles day

The history of the day

This day is on 11th November. It is a symbol of individuality. The holiday is celebrated by the Chinese youth. They commemorate the fact that they are single. This date was chosen because of “1”. The date was joined to the huge sale. The whole amount of money got during the last Singles Day reached 19 billion dollars.

The holiday goes back to 1990s. It was introduced by Nanjing students. They celebrated being bachelors. It is the most common theory of foundation. There are different theories and points of view, though people accept the day despite its origin uncertainty.

According to general knowledge there are two theories of the starting point of the Singles Day:

  • creation by a group of young men;
  • one male’s foundation.

A group of young men played together in a game “Mahjong” and wished to have a girlfriend. They won on that day. So the young men accepted that point as a good sign. Some people say that it was on the 11th of November. Others prefer to think that the male group included four persons. That was the beginning of the Chinese Singles Day.

Singles day in China

Another version mentions a young man Guang Kun who studied in Nanjing University. He loved a woman who was the most wonderful female for him. That woman was his fiancée for a year. Then she was diagnosed with a strong disease. The woman died. It was during Guang’s birthday. After that the man started to commemorate the date of her death. His friends joined that tradition. They lighted the candles, thus, that act became one of the symbols of the day.

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If you write “What day Singles Day in 2017”, the internet search will say “11th November”. It is annually celebrated not only in Nanjing but also in the whole China. This tradition was caught by businessmen and government. Nowadays it is accepted as an official festival of shopping.

The day of singleness and shopping

This day seems to be similar to other occasions connected with commerce. Such days are observed in Canada and the USA. Different internet shops propose great sales for youth. It usually happens on 11th November. It is a tradition of buying expensive goods. People try to satisfy their consuming wishes. They buy everything, from food to electronic goods.

Singles day - shopping day

This fact attracts a lot of commerce organizations and small shops. They can earn a great amount of money during this day. When is National Singles Day 2017? It will be on 11th November. Every person can give a small or big present to himself, especially when he hasn’t got a lover.

There is a tradition in China to have parties in bars with friends who are lonely too. Singles Day is the reason to attend Karaoke clubs. There are a lot of opportunities to spend time on the day. The restaurants propose great suggestions for single males and females. Single’s Day is a possibility to find a date.

The date covers not only individuality and shopping. People have accepted the culinary traditions. They prefer to have baozi and youtiao. The first dish is a bun. It represents the separation of the day. The second meal is a sweet dough stick. It symbolizes the Chinese character.

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Chinese wonder

What is the date of Singles Day 2017? It is on 11.11 as usual. People spend it according to the given plan: parties and a great Chinese sale.

There are many facts that show the unicity of the Singles Day. The most significant are:

  1. It began as a University tradition, nevertheless, the day became the most famous shopping day in the world. Alibaba earned more than 18 billion dollars on the day in 2016. The growth of the income since 2009 is incredible.
  2. The measure of the sales is connected with underwear. The Alibaba’s workers watch the tendency of selling different pieces of underwear.
  3. The sellers earned more than 160 million dollars in the first several minutes.
  4. There is a tendency to give birth to boys more often than to the girls. It is supposed that till 20s there will be more unmarried men in China than women.
  5. Almost a half people over the age of 35 are bachelors.
  6. Alibaba sales on Singles Day were 10 times more than on Cyber Monday.
  7. The most sold pieces on Singles Day were mobile devices (more than 70%).
  8. The first great sale on 11th November in 2009 started with the participation of 27 sellers. Seven years later nearly 50 thousand merchants took part in the sale.

The best way to celebrate the date is to watch a film being alone. It should be a romantic movie. If you want to meet somebody on that day, you should share the internet with “When is the National Singles Day in 2017, calendar of dates” request. There are usually a lot of such events. People like to attend a beauty or spa saloon and choose the best presents for themselves.

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11th November is not a reason to be alone. A person may be single, but have a lot of friends to spend time with. They should take the least opportunity to have fun and communicate. It is better to go to the party and show the purchases than to stay at home and suffer from the loneliness.


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