All in all it is not difficult to find the secretary for the company, but the employers should know that this person has to be a real face of its face. The most typical features of the lady or guy on this post are attentiveness, intelligence and attractiveness. As a rule, while the boss is solving the main issues of enterprise development, the representative of this profession is engaged in providing managerial and administrative activities. However, do you know the answer to the question โ€œWhen is National Secretary Day in 2020?โ€ as the successful work of the company depends much on the professionalism of this man/woman?

If you are not able to do it, donโ€™t worry as now we are going to tell you about it in details.


We are sure that the discovering of the matter, what day World Secretary Day in 2020 is, needs the additional explanations and clarifications from the historical point of view.

Just after the invention of the typewriter, this post was mostly occupied by women. It is difficult to believe, but in a minute they had to type about four pages. The stenography was made at a speed of 40 words per minute. Other requirements were represented by foreign language knowledge and perfect communication skills with various people. Would you like to compare? โ€“ You see, in our time, secretaries can perform various functions. – For example, answering phone calls, working with office equipment, accepting letters or being an administrator.

It is interesting that the first courses on which the secretaries began to be trained as professionals started in Ukraine in the city of Kharkov. It happened in 1868. Later similar courses appeared in America, England and France.

Frankly speaking, we were not able to discover the names of this day establishers as well as the reasons, why we have to celebrate this holiday on April 25th in 2020.

Happy Secretary Day


What does National Secretary Day mean? Oh, we canโ€™t answer this question immediately, because as a rule, it requires explanations and clarifications.

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So, first of all, letโ€™s discover who will suit this destination. In accordance with specialistsโ€™ points of view, potential secretary should have the following qualities:

  • Stress resistance. Applicant for this position must have self-control and endurance.
  • Aspiration to get new knowledge and skills. A good specialist should know a foreign language, be able to conduct business correspondence, compile and register various documents.
  • Readiness for a non-standardized schedule of work and unexpected dislocation.
  • The ability to properly and accurately plan the bossโ€™s day. In most cases, drawing up a work plan for the manager is one of the tasks.
  • With all the visitors of the company, this person should be able to conduct a polite conversation and be sympathetic.

And here is a list of duties, which should be perform by this person:

  • Registration of incoming and outgoing documents.
  • Service of the head and his/her visitors.
  • Create a work plan for the administration.
  • Receiving phone calls and e-mails sent to the manager.
  • Ordering of all necessary items to ensure the quality work of the enterprise (stationery and others).


Talking about the question โ€œWhen is International Secretary Day 2020?โ€ we canโ€™t but mention the moments concerning the educational directions for people, who want to obtain this post.

Here is a list of specialties with which you can get the profession of secretary:

  • Management.
  • Insurance business.
  • Accounting analysis and audit.
  • Customs.

Would you like to know where to study? No? โ€“ We will help you then! – Looking at what level of education interests, the profession of secretary can be obtained in various educational institutions:

  • Secondary – in some kinds of technical colleges.
  • The secondary vocational is in the specialized vocational school.
  • Higher education is in the institute.
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Most people think that the secretary does not have a career. It is not true, as the work of the secretary can be quite different and can be divided into several levels:

  • Secretary at the reception. It is the lowest step. This employee is not engaged in management activities. Most often the main duty is to answer the phone calls organizing a meeting of clients.
  • Secretary-Referent. This profession is slightly higher in rank. The main duties may be related to the activities of the office manager (for example, the life support of the enterprise). Knowledge of a foreign language plays a major role: making translations, the presence at the talks with foreign counterparts as an interpreter.
  • Assistant is the highest step of the career ladder of this direction. This post requires the cooperation with administration, stress resistance and confidence. The post also presupposes the solution of organizational and administrative problems.

As described above, the secretary is not an unpromising profession. This office employee has much to strive for. The post will rise, then the salary will please with its growth. The only requirement for raising the career ladder in most organizations is higher education.


When is Secretary Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. However, you should mind that this special occasion doesnโ€™t have a fixed date for its celebration. As a rule, it is held on Wednesday of the last complete week of April.

The only thing you can do is to congratulate your assistants with this day. And if you bring them small presents or sweets, they will be really happy.


International Secretary Day Facts

Discovering the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Secretary Day 2020?โ€ we would like to tell our readers about rules, which will help them to get the job from their dreams.

First of all you need to send a resume to the company where you want to work and hope that in a short time you will be called and invited for an interview.

  1. When you received the invitation, once again go to the company’s website and learn all the necessary information:
  • Field of activity.
  • Company’s mission.
  • Objectives of the organization.
  1. Read the materials devoted to the people, who are involved. In most case during the interview you will be asked what exactly attracts you in this post. So, please, prepare the substantial answer in advance.
  2. The form of clothing manner for this meeting. The best way to attract the boss is to come for the interview in a strict style.
  3. If you are proposed something like a quiz, be sure to answer clearly.
  4. In an interview, it’s worthwhile to be confident and honest. – If you are required to have a good knowledge in computer programs, and you are not very familiar with them, it’s better to admit at once, but add that you are easily learnable.
  5. Ask about the shortcomings, tell them, give them out for dignity. For example, mention that you love to help, sometimes because of this you have to stay at work longer, which negatively affects your family relationships.
  6. When answering the question about the characterization of the previous boss, do not say his/her disadvantages. It’s better to say that he/she is a professional in his/her business, strict but true.
  7. By going through the interview, you can ask about the information you are interested in, and not just answer questions. But, please, mind that the questions about the salary will be relevant if the employer’s website does not indicate the cost of the job you are asked for.
  8. Be ready to fill in a questionnaire.
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When the correspondence is over, you will be asked to wait a few days. During this time, the security service of the employer will check information about the potential employee. If everything is in order you will be called and invited to go to work.


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