Are you looking for something really interesting in the bustle of the contemporary world? โ€“ We are having something amazing, but before we discover the fact, could you, please, reply to the question โ€œWhen is National Penguin Awareness Day in 2020?โ€ Seems like impossible task? โ€“ Oh, please, donโ€™t worry as we are going to introduce this theme in details.

Are you ready? โ€“ We are starting!


In our attempts to get and to give the proper reply to the question โ€œWhat is the date of Penguin Awareness Day 2020?โ€ it would be quite silly not to mention the historical past of this funny, but at the same time rather important holiday.

It is a real true. But, unfortunately, we havenโ€™t been able to discover any pieces of available information about the people, who once made an important decision to keep this date. We havenโ€™t known either, why the holiday is celebrated on January 20th every year.

However, have you ever heard about huge prehistoric penguins? Have you already got the information about these creatures growing at 1.5 m and living in Peru once? We know that this definition sounds more like the plot of a Hollywood movie, not science, but the fossil penguin was indeed discovered far to the north of Antarctica.


The fact that these fauna representatives lived near the equator during the warm period disproves the modern understanding of the relationship between penguins and climate, and also confirms the Biblical story: the “created species” before the Flood inhabited a non-colder climate.

These giant fossils were still penguins (evidences of evolution absent), endowed with one of the many possible properties that God “invested” in the original created form.


What does Penguin Awareness Day mean? โ€“ Frankly speaking, we are not able to answer this question instead of you. Why? โ€“ The matter is that only you know what these birds mean for you. Are you interested or bored, amazed or indifferent?

From our side we have to tell you that these fauna representatives are worth to be investigated. You see, within their habitats, penguins are exposed to extreme climatic conditions and have various anatomical features that allow them to adapt to these conditions.

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For thermal insulation is primarily a thick – from 2 to 3 cm – a layer of fat, above which are three layers of waterproof, short, tightly adjacent to each other and evenly distributed throughout the body of feathers.

Air in the layers of feathers also effectively protects against heat loss when in water.

During the daytime while looking for food penguins can swim about 27 km, at a depth of more than 3 meters, the birds spend an average of about 80 minutes per day.

When leaving the water, penguins can jump over the height of the shoreline to 1.8 m in a jump. Because of their relatively short legs on land, penguins move around, swaying from side to side – this kind of movement, as researched by biomechanics, saves a lot of energy. On land, penguins develop a speed of 3-6 km / h.


Discovering the matter โ€œWhen is International Penguin Awareness Day 2020?โ€ we would like to give our readers a lot of useful and at the same time rather amazing information.

For example, have you ever heard that the family contains of 18 modern species? It is not so much, isnโ€™t it? โ€“ At the same time all representatives can swim well and dive.

Of course, we will tell you about the most interesting samples.

Here is our list:

  • Royal

It looks quite like the imperial one, but a bit smaller in size and has brighter coloring. The body length is from 1 m to 1.4 m. Adult creatures have a relatively gray back, that is black on the sides of the head. On the chest there are spots of bright orange color.

Unfortunately, we should admit, that the birds, whose nesting sites are placed in accessible places for humans, had been killing by sailors since approximately the XVIII century. The rather uncontrolled extermination in some definite places continued up to 1918. And as a result the amount of some colonies fell to a dramatically critical level.

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Up to the present moment, thanks to many years of protection, their number has been fully restored.

  • The Papuan

After the imperial and royal penguins, the Papuan is the largest penguin. Males reach a weight of 9 kg, and females – 7.5 kg, the growth of adults – 75-90 cm. Under the water, Papuan ones reach a speed of 36 km / h, which makes them the fastest of all penguins. The depth of immersion can reach two hundred meters.

  • Adele

It is one of the most common species, which was named by French researcher Jules Dumont-Durville in honor of his wife Adele. This is a medium sized bird. The length of the body is about 70 cm, weight about 6 kg. The upper body is black, the belly is white. Around every eye there is a white ring.


When is Penguin Awareness Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. Perhaps in this situation the only thing you have you mind is when the necessary January 20th appears. Sometimes it seems to be rather difficult as this month has a great amount of various occasions and many people are tired of contemporary celebrations.

Penguin Family

There are no special rules which can tell or even to dedicate you how to spend this peaceful date. But, please, donโ€™t be upset, as this means that you are free to invent something really special for yourself as well as for many people nearby, thus for everybody, who wanted to be involved.

As you know well these birds wears the so called smoking, which really look terrific. What about a specialized party then, where all the guests as well as the hosts have to be dressed like these elegant or even sophisticated creatures?

Have you ever heard that penguins have to drop their “costumes” once a year? As a rule it happens in summer. During the whole month the birds again starve, staying on floating ice floes for molting. All old feathers are dumped, and from under the fluff new and fluffy grow. The fluffy lining provides an insulating layer of air, and greased penguin outer feathers are a “waterproof swimming suit” that compresses under the water, due to this the fluffy penguin feathers remain dry and ice water does not get on the skin.

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If you are not going to invite a great amount of various people into your home, you can devote January 20th to your family or very close surrounding. Read specialized literature or watch particular films. You can always organize a small discussion afterwards.

National Penguin Awareness Day Facts

Investigating the subject, what day Penguin Awareness Day in 2020 is, we want to give our readers a great amount of various amazing facts about these interesting representatives of the local fauna.

  • Have you ever heard that on average, the duration of the Penguin Parade is 50 minutes and most part of this time the small birds spend fighting the waves? Then they gather in groups of 10 to 50 individuals and start surfing at the water’s edge. After the particular command, they begin to march through the beach to the sand dunes where their home and nest are located.
  • The representative of the so called “blue blood” royal penguin is considered to be one of the largest penguins on the planet. This bird can be compared in size only with the imperial penguin, and that’s not much.
  • The body length of the royal penguin is from 91 centimeters to 1 meter. The royal penguin took a fancy to the water area south of Tierra del Fuego. It can be found on the Shetland Islands, on the Orkney Islands.
  • Just some years ago all in all these amazing creatures were under threat of extinction, but now most populations have been completely restored, as the countries have adopted the particular law aimed their protection.


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