The history plays an inalienable role in our lives as we can’t live for future without the past. Many strategic and military events were made to change the history for one’s benefit. However, not many were marked as the turning point in the whole war. For your attention, today we will discuss one of the greatest military operations ever – Pearl Harbor. So, let’s check when is National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day in 2020?

Well, the global celebration is held on 7th of December annually since 1942 as National American observance. Thousands of militaries spent their lives during that event and it should be in our memory forever.


Japan attacked the US military base of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on December 7, 1941 following the provocation well-played by American politicians, a famous Japanese political scientist, a high-ranking diplomat in the third generation, the director of the Institute of World Problems at the Institute of Industry in Kyoto, author of more than a dozen books on the history of diplomacy and international relations, Kazuhiko Togo said in an interview.

His grandfather, Shigenori Togo, was the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan at the most critical moments of the country’s military history – from October 1941 to September 1942 and from April to August 1945. During the stay of Shigenori Togo, two important events took place in this post in the modern history of Japan: the attack on Pearl Harbor, which became a triumphal entry into a large-scale war, and a crushing defeat in it.

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Kazuhiko Togo carefully studied the historical evidence and documents of that era. According to his mother’s stories, he knows his grandfather was against the war and did everything in his power to avoid it. Later, in the spring of 1945, he tried to lead Japan out of the war and probed the ground for peace through the mediation of Stalin. However, this did not happen. Togo was convicted as a war criminal in the Tokyo trial, although he received, thanks in part to the position of the Soviet Union, one of the softest sentences – not the death penalty or life imprisonment, but 20 years behind the bars.

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Brilliant provocation

“There is a theory saying America wanted to adjust everything so Japan began the war. Roosevelt understood Hitler was dangerous for the world and for America, and he realized there was no other way for his destruction, except for the military, to unite with Stalin and hit Hitler, “- believes Kazuhiko Togo.

However, according to the political scientist, an entirely different position dominated in American society. “Hitler attacked the USSR, and still, the US cannot enter the war, because public opinion is against. This means it needs to be changed, and the best way to do this would be to attacked by Japan. America’s public opinion will have no other choice,” – Togo explains.

The attack on Pearl Harbor unfolded America’s public opinion and accelerated its entry into the war. But another gift to Roosevelt was presented by the bureaucratic machine of Japan.

Shigenori Togo hoped the talks would help avoiding war. Japan understood that the forces are too unequal. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country has prepared two plans for the settlement of relations with the United States. One of them – short-term – according to Japanese diplomats, could be accepted by America. But in response to Japan’s proposals, the US is transmitting a “Hella note”.

Seven decades have passed since the attack of Japan on Pearl Harbor but in the events of those years, there are still many mysteries. Scientists have been debating for several years how it could have happened the attack was unexpected for American politicians, although a year earlier, since the end of 1940, they had known Japan’s diplomatic codes, and all diplomatic correspondence was no secret.

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Many scientists note strange and extremely favorable coincidence of circumstances, when, despite the terrible losses suffered by the American fleet, the main goal of the Japanese – aircraft carriers – luckily avoided destruction, on December 7, they simply were not on the base.

“There is an opinion, the US knew about the attack in advance, concealed it and allowed itself to be attacked, but I do not have enough information on this matter. We do not know to what extent the Americans knew about the plans of the Japanese, and there are some incomprehensible things. For example, shortly before the attack of Japan from Pearl Harbor all three US aircraft carriers were withdrawn,” – shared Kazuhiko Togo.

In a broad historical perspective, it can be argued whether only the United Kingdom had a disadvantage. The seizure of Singapore by the Japanese weakened the British in the Far East. After 1945, it was already impossible for Britain to retain colonies in Asia. After the independence of India was declared in 1947, the rest of the British Empire slowly disintegrated, and the last British colony in the Far East, Hong Kong, was transferred to China in 1997. America still regards the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as a defeat, but it caused a chain of events that turned the United States into the world’s only remaining superpower.

Well, understanding when is International Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 2020, we are turning to another point.


What does National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day mean? Firstly, you should improve your knowledge of the topic by getting directly to encyclopedia or Wikipedia. There, you will find all the details and interesting facts. Secondly, admit your children and relatives to this action and make it together. Don’t be afraid to spend some hours sitting in front of the computer with your favorite cup of coffee and watching documentary films about it. Thirdly, for a full understanding of what day World Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day in 2020, you may visit theatres and museums dedicated to this event. There, you will delve into the atmosphere of that times and feel it on yourself.

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Pearl Harbor Explosion


In 2001, the movie “Pearl Harbor” was made starring Ben Affleck and others. It achieved massive success and the budget was more than $140 million. By the way, it perfectly conveys the atmosphere and each second of that operation. So, what is the date of National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 2017 is brightly told in the film and it’s a great opportunity to enjoy your time.


Many years, thousands of people gather to celebrate and commemorate the deceased lives by making festivals. There you may watch documentary movies, communicate with the children of survived and exchange your feelings and memories. It’s such a nice opportunity to get developed and spend the time with the benefit. Thus, the calendar helps us to mark the day when is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day in 2020, so don’t miss it.

International Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Facts

  1. Japanese aircraft of that period was painted in light gray, and not in green, as shown in the movie.
  2. The British leadership, having access to classified information of the Japanese naval forces, did not share it with the United States. Subsequently, these facts became the reason for the accusation of Roosevelt and Churchill that, having committed an attack on Pearl Harbor, each in his own way strove to push America to join the war.

To sum up, keep in heart and mind such events, as they make our history and let us breathe freely.


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