As a rule, any healthy person has his/her favorite dish. It may be something sweet or chocolate or vice versa salt or even pickled. Of course, as the old proverb says, tastes differ, but we would like to add that there is a yummy, which is appreciated all around the world. Would you like to know what it is? French potatoes, of course! Do you agree? โ€“ We are almost sure that you do, but can you, please, answer the question โ€œWhen is National French Fry Day in 2020?โ€ Oh, we are now almost predicting the negative reply from you side, because enjoying with this dish from time to time, many people have never heard about the corresponding holiday existence.

So that is the main reason and explanation why we are going to investigate this matter in details and to provide you as much amazing information as it is possible.


Certainly, we understand that we would look rather stupid, if we decided to give the wide and proper reply to โ€œWhat is the date of National French Fry Day 2020?โ€ and not even tried to tell you about the historical facts concerning this holiday appearance.

But, despite all the popularity of French fries, the exact location and time of its first appearance are unknown.

We canโ€™t even explain you the reason of this name appearance. In accordance with contemporary historians, it seems like potatoes appeared in France only in the XVIII century.

French Fry Card

By that time the Belgians had been serving “fries” to their tables for quite a long time. The locals of this territory even have the corresponding manuscript dated of 1781, confirming this fact. – A certain Joseph Gรฉrard told there that the inhabitants of Namur, Ui, Andenna and Dinan loved to fry small fry in vegetable oil. When cold winter of 1680 came, all the rivers were frozen and fishing was not possible, people began to cut fish from potatoes and fry them in the same way. Over time, this “way outโ€ turned into a favorite national dish.

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What does National French Fry Day mean? Oh, the answer to this question can be given to you neither by us nor by somebody else on the planet. Why? โ€“ The problem is that it is rather individual. As you may understand it would be really stupid to involve into this special occasion celebration a person, who hates or canโ€™t eat because of healthy problems this product.

Frankly speaking, we have never heard from any person that he/she does not like French fries. However, simultaneously, discussions concerning benefits and harm, provided with this product do not cease. So we propose you to trace the product route as it is said from the field to your table.

In no way trying to blame one or another producer or network of fast food, we will tell you about the general cooking manner of your favorite French fries.

If you think that this is just fried boring potatoes with salt, you are very mistaken. For the traditional fries production only particular kinds of vegetables are used. They have their own names Santana, Innovator and Russet Bourbon.

Why are they exactly? – The matter is that, according to the contemporary manufacturers’ points of view, these ones are ideal in size and perfect in taste. And we can’t but mention than for the cultivation of some of them only specific climate is requested. That is why the probability of gene modification is extremely small, and sometimes it is quite difficult to deal with the imported product.


In most cases, people, who are thinking about this snack, imagine the places, providing fast food. That is why, investigating the matter, what day World French Fry Day in 2020 is, we canโ€™t but talk about the institution, appreciated all around the planet.

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If you really want to eat enough, then you need to buy French fries in one of the famous McDonalds restaurants. In fact, it can be purchased at any cafe chain. Even just passing by, you will feel the delicate aroma of freshly fried potatoes.

French fries are usually used as the main dish, which does not require long cooking, which is important. To the potato is attached ketchup, which emphasizes the taste and at the same time complements it.


  • The products are mostly sorted into a paper bag, which is very convenient.
  • Caloric content of an average portion of French McDonalds fries is 340 kcal.

Despite the fact that these potatoes are very caloric, they have a good effect on the human body and you immediately have a good mood and a feeling of hunger will disappear. Fries include a large amount of starch and carbohydrates (calorie), as well as potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium, folic acid and vitamins from group B, D.

All in all McDonalds French fries include: potatoes, vegetable oil, dextrose and sodium diphosphate. Also, they are flavored with iodized salt.


When is French Fry Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. There are no reasons to be worried about as to this matter. However, do you have any special ideas as to the July 13th celebration?

Of course, the easiest way would be to go to one of the numerous fast food restaurant, and to eat as much yummy as you like, ordering mayonnaise, source or ketchup to it.

French Fry

If we are talking about the reverse side of the coin, or potatoes, in this case, then the enthusiasm here will be reduced. The presence of chemical additives (pesticides and various stimulants) not only adversely affected the quality of the product, but are also harmed the body.

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The sharp deterioration of the product, eventually led to the use of pre-processed, and then frozen potatoes, as well as the repeated use of oil, on which it was fried.

Taking into account all the facts mention above, perhaps it would be better to prepare this dish at home. Invite your friends and organize a real party with eating this yummy thing. As a rule this process is suitable enough for watching the latest movies or playing board games. Why not to spend July 13th in a way like this?

International French Fry Day Facts

Talking about the matter, devoted to the subject โ€œWhen is International French Fry Day 2020?โ€ we are going to provide our curious readers with as many interesting and amazing facts as it is possible. So letโ€™s start.

Recently, the well-known on the planet European Union has abandoned plans to ban French fries, as its recipe was invented by a member state of the Commonwealth – Belgium.

Popular fast food almost fell into the black list due to the formation of acrylamide in the frying of a toxic substance, which the EU executive commission wanted to ban. For this, it would be necessary to rewrite the entire recipe, which Belgium opposed.

The EC agreed to amend food safety rules aimed at fighting cancer, after Belgium declared protection of the national French fries from EU rules.

The Minister of Tourism of Flanders, Ben Veits, said that Europe is endangering the Belgian culture of cooking French fries in the country – “frit”, and sent a letter to the European Commissioner for Health, Vitenis Andriukaitis, in which he urged him not to take action because of “significant and unforeseen consequences for the gastronomic heritage “.

Belgian Agriculture Minister Willy Borshu has already announced the “salvation” of French fries and said that local “freerolls” will not have to change the traditional methods of preparing a national dish.


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