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🍪 When is National Cookie Day 2022

Cookies are a widely known product, diverse and beloved by many kids and adults all around the planet. We regularly use this delicacy, but do we all know about it? Let’s try to tell something new. Have you known that the best-selling biscuit of the XXI century was the American Oreo? Only in the US it is sold at 550 million a year. And what does the biggest cookie look like? – Over 30 meters in diameter and more than 18 tons of weight. The delicacy was presented in 2003 and was produced for 12 hours. Could you answer the question “When is National Cookie Day in 2022?” just now?

As to the last subject, unfortunately, it seems like people are not able to reply even after some minutes for recollecting. We are sure that it is not fair and that is why it is necessary to discuss the subject in details.


The investigation of the matter, what day World Cookie Day in 2022 is, is impossible without the explanation of the historical background of this special occasion.

Frankly speaking, its past is relatively young. The day of the cookie was first fixed on December 4 in the Children’s Dictionary of Sesame Street in 1980. Since then, sweet devotees regularly celebrate their professional holiday.

Over the long years of its existence, cookies have acquired an unthinkable number of species, additives and fillings. The successful discovery of the Danes has firmly entered the world’s culinary heritage and continues to enjoy international recognition and devoted love.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find out any information about the establishers and creators of this event.

Winter cookies

The world has known cookies for several millennia. Previously, this delicacy was not sweet, since sugar was known only to India, where it was prepared from cane. Over time, part of the Indian lands passed to the possession of Great Britain, from where sugar spread throughout Europe and has become an integral ingredient in confectionery, including cookies, which today can’t be even counted. By the way, some of them have very interesting stories.


What does National Cookie Day mean? The English word “cookie” was originated from the Danish “koekje”, which means “small pie”.

The appearance of the first biscuit is due to the Danish bakers, who in the old days checked the temperature of the oven on small pieces of dough, so as not to spoil the whole pie in case of an underheated or overheated oven. At some point, they realized that these little pieces of baked dough are delicious in themselves.

Discussing this matter we can’t but mention cookies with chocolate chips. In the United States, this is the most popular type. And its appearance was due to the occasion. Ruth Wakefield (the owner of a small hotel) added slices of chocolate bars in butter dough instead of grated chocolate. The confectioner hoped that in the process of cooking chocolate will melt and give the product a brownish tinge. However, the chocolate did not melt, and as a result, mankind recognized the divine taste of chocolate-chip cookies.


In the USA, December 4 is considered to be a rather amazing holiday. Finding this out, you are free to answer “When is International Cookie Day 2022?” and celebrate this event properly.

This holiday is not so widespread and widely known, as, for example, Thanksgiving or Easter. But this absolutely can’t prevent us from paying tribute to the appreciated yummy in the whole world, which has an incredible variety of forms and tastes.

For example, have you ever heard that in Chinese restaurants in the US and many other countries, a special dessert with predictions is served. Papers inside contain wise phrases in Chinese with a translation or numbers that many then transfer to lottery tickets. However, in China itself these bakeries are practically unknown, and the locals do not have any relationship to their origin. The prototype of these sweets originated in the 19th century in Japanese temples, and it was the Japanese immigrants who adapted the cookies for the American market. According to one legend, it began to be firmly associated with China, when Japanese-Americans massively moved to concentration camps during the Second World War, and the Chinese picked up the production of cookies.

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When is Cookie Day in 2022, calendar will definitely help you not to forget. The only thing, which should be important for those, who are going to celebrate this notable date, is when December 4th comes. By the way, this year it will be on Saturday and it simultaneously means that you can spend it really unusually. Are you really ready for adventures?

You see, in the cold season, we always want to please ourselves and loved ones with something delicious. Light cookies are ideal for this and are simply created for a cozy tea party. The most pleasant thing is that yummy can be baked together with friends or children, without spending much time and energy.

December 4th is a time for something pleasant. And it is doesn’t matter how you are going to spend this day. Some people prefer to stay at home alone or with close friends and family members, other are sure that it is a great opportunity for cool party organization.

International Cookie Day Facts

In our attempts to find out the answer to the set question “What is the date of National Cookie Day?” we should tell about the peculiar features of some popular kinds of this yummy.

Homemade Cookie

  • Almond Cookies

One of the most delicious kinds of cookies is almond, or Macarons. The main ingredient for the preparation of these products is almond paste, which consists of almond flour, egg white and sugar. The history of the appearance of Macarons is rooted in the Renaissance. The popularity of this cookie was because of Catherine de ‘Medici: when she married the Duke of Orleans and moved to France, she brought her bakers with her, thanks to the work of which they became famous at the royal court. To glue two cookies with each other the special filling began to be used already in the XX century.

  • Long-lasting cookies
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The most useful for today is the long cookie “Maria”. It appeared in the second half of the XIX century, when the daughter of the Russian Tsar Maria married Prince Alfred, the son of the Queen of Britain. In honor of the wedding, one of the English bakeries prepared a cookie, which was given the name of a titled bride. Cookies with this recipe people are tasted to this day.

  • Gingerbread Cookie

Among bakery products with an unusual taste we should distinguish the ginger ones. According to legend, it was invented by English monks in the 12th-13th century, when in many European countries various spices were used in cooking.Especially popular was ginger. Over time, pastry with the addition of it has become an invariable attribute of the Christmas holidays.

  • Oat cookies

Known to us oatmeal cookies appeared in Scotland in the XVII century. Then the wheat was inferior in popularity to oats. Delicacy was initially cooked on an open fire, laying into the oven just on the stones. Today, on sale, you can find biscuits, in which sweeteners and wheat flour are kept in abundance. But at home you can cook no less tasty, but most importantly – a more useful oatmeal cookie. By the way, gourmets say that the taste of this confectionery is revealed only with red fish and cheese.

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