The 21st century has already come, but many of us prefer spending the free time playing various kinds of games, like our parents or even grandparents. So, what sort do you prefer? – Board games, card, something active with ball at the open air? Well, if yes, perhaps, you’re ready to answer “When is National Game Day in 2022?” But, frankly speaking, there is a sad conclusion, we predict the negative reply, because as the practice shows, a great amount of people haven’t ever heard about this memorable day existence.

So we want to change the situation for better and to explore the subject in details.


Certainly, we understand that it’d be rather difficult to explain our audience, what day Game Day in 2022 is, not mentioning the historic past of this occasion.

It is a real pity, but there is no much data about this unusual date. However, we’ve managed to find out that initially it was introduce to public by famous Games Workshop, which was considered at those times to be the leading retail company, dealing with game production. It’s the most popular representations were traditional backgammon and Warhammer, which was the beginning of the fantasy universe games.

Board Game on

The tradition to play together in a definite day appeared in 1975, on December 20th, to be more exactly. Initially it became popular only in Great Britain, but soon shared all over Earth, becoming exceptionally accepted in the USA.

Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to discover the exact names of the establishers (but, perhaps, it was a collective decision) as well as any reasons to celebrate this holiday just on December 20th annually.


What does Game Day mean? Oh, we aren’t to give you the proper answer. Why? You see, the answer seems to be rather individual for every person. So it is up to you to come to the definite conclusion about the role of this occasion in your life. All in all there’s a great amount of those guys and ladies, who, for any reasons, don’t like playing games. And for them it doesn’t matter whether it is a board item or active leisure time in the open air.

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However, now we can confidently say that table games can withstand competition with computer games, as it is really more interesting to play with people! In this case you choices are endless indeed. – Nowadays there are games, which are simple and funny even for small kids, there are board for the reaction speed. Logic, verbal or pantomime are also in trend.

According to the specialists’ points of view, their main peculiar feature is that they combine the people of absolutely different ages. Even the easiest games give you the ability to act according to set rules, the skills to wait for your turn, the opportunity to count your points, the possibility to lose, and much more.

And more complex ones usually teach you and your kids to distinguish and to name attributes of objects, to take into account several properties at the same time, to compare images quickly, to estimate the quantity and shape by eye.


So you’ve already got that the quick reply to  “When is International Game Day 2022?” sounds quite easy like “On December 20th, of course!”

All in all, according to specialists, for more than three thousand years people have been playing games of any kinds.

The twentieth century is the golden age for board games, when new games have appeared, aimed at entertainment, and on the development of intelligence, and on modeling different situations. Basically, the most part of the games of the last century are the so-called “walkers”. At first they were very funny, but unfortunately, in the course of time they lost their attractiveness.

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And only later to the country with the long delay a new entertainment appeared. – It was “Monopoly”, the popularity of which was so huge, that when it was impossible to purchase one, people draw it themselves and played happily.

According to the contemporary experienced specialists’ points of view, it is thanks to the table games and the joint participation in them that you can learn more about what your family lives, and they will know about you. During this leisure activity, you can discuss the issues and problems, the children will share their experiences, as well as get that share of your love, care and attention in which so need. It is in childhood that we have an understanding of what kind of family and relationships should be in it. And it is for table games that you can create a warm atmosphere that will remain in your children’s memory forever.


Of course, when is Game Day in 2022, calendar is ready to inform everybody, who has made a decision to be involved into this special occasion celebration.

Unfortunately now there are no customs for this day spending. But, please, don’t be upset, as you can always invent something peculiar for your circle.

As you can understand the second part of the first winter month is a perfect opportunity to stay at home and to relax together with your beloved ones. You can cook bake an apple pie, prepare sweet cacao and sit in front of the fire place to play a favorite board game together.

Board Games

Today it is a universal way of communication and development of various skills and knowledge. Chess, checkers, dominoes, lotto, Monopoly, Mafia, table football or hockey train our memory, logical and imaginative thinking and all this on a subconscious level we will apply in our daily life.

And, besides, they bring satisfaction and happiness from communicating with family and friends, unite us and remind us of how important simple human communication in real time for each of us.

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National Game Day Facts

“What is the date of Game Day?” usually involves a great quantity of various amazing pieces of quite different information, which have to be discussed.

For instance, have you ever thought about the first board games? No? – We will explain you something then. – In general the history of board games is at least 5500 years old and the most ancient item was called “Senet”.

According to legend, it was invented by the ancient Egyptian god of knowledge called That in order to win from the deity of the Moon Honsu a few extra days for the goddess Nut, to whom the sun god Ra imposed a curse. A year had only 360 days, and the goddess could not give birth to any of them. In that game, the victory was won by That. Certainly, after all this game he thought up. God won five days for the goddess Nut, after which in the sunny year it became 365 days, and in the lunar year – only 355, and people got a new game and five extra days on the calendar. All in all the scientists honestly tried to understand how to play the Senet, but no one found the exact rules.

Backgammon appeared around 3000 BC.  The first known chess game, Chaturanga, was invented in India in the 5th century AD. E. Playing cards originated in the East in the XII century. In short, in the table games mankind has played for a long time, and games were considered a luxury and were accessible only to the upper strata of the population.

But everything that once was the property of only an elite culture, eventually turns into a mass one. It is impossible to determine exactly when everybody began to play them. It happened gradually – and now, there are card, chess and checkers in almost every house.


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