The American Coast Guard has a long history. It’s always ready to defend the country from unexpected guests. These men are real professionals. The USA decided to praise these men and women, to make their own professional holiday. It appeared many years ago and it is celebrated now by lots of people. When is National Coast Guard Day in 2022? What are the traditional ways to observe the date?


This kind of military arms began its history several centuries ago, almost in the dawn of the American history. These forces are 227 years old. They were initiated in 1790. The first Congress of the USA decided to make national armed forces to protect their achievements in the development of the country. That law was signed on August, 4. It was to initiate 5 armed forces, to develop trade and taxes and to get rid of smuggling. The last process was expected to protect the country’s income.

The first responsibilities were not so strict and concerned only the help to protect coast lines and maritime boundaries. Years passed and the duties became wider. They included the necessity of aiding crews in accidents. Moreover, Coast Guards are to help not only marines, but also other people in distress.

National Coast Guard Day

The concrete name of this kind of armed forces was got in 1915. The American President W. Wilson signed the governmental law to make the Life-Saving Service. Due to that act, the new armed service got its main responsibility. It was to save people at sea, no matter whether they are in a crew or civil men. That service also had to enforce new governmental laws which concerned maritime issues.

In 1939 the American Coast Guard got a new duty. The servicemen got lighthouses under their control. President F. Roosevelt signed the act in May that year. Later, in 1946 this service began controlling merchant marine licenses. It also started regulating vessel safety.

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The date is regarded an internal occasion. It was initiated to praise servicemen and to catch people’s eye on this kind of armed forces. Nowadays the day is widely celebrated across the country with lots of official ceremonies. If a person asks “What day National Coast Guard Day in 2022?”, he always gets the answer “On the 4th of August”.


What does National Coast Guard Day mean for servicemen and ordinary people? The day has a significant importance. Comparing with other holidays and festivals it is an official occasion which was initiated in the American legislation. It’s not considered as a day when ordinary people usually make fun, have different picnics and cook festive food. There aren’t so many symbols dedicated to the day. Nevertheless, it is a reason to congratulate a family member or a friend who can be referred to the forces.

The date means much for not only people who has active duties. Retired servicemen are also involved into celebrations. There are several ceremonies when they are congratulated and awarded for their duty. They feel that their country hasn’t forgotten about them.

The occasion means a lot for those people who have got guards’ help in complicated situations. They are always thankful and try to show their attitude to their rescuers. The day is a reason to give appreciation to the guardsmen.

The day means a lot for the whole country. For many years the service has been defending the US boundaries with courage and devotion despite difficulties and a real danger. The American nation appreciates these deeds greatly. When is International Coast Guard Day 2022? It’s on the 4th of August.

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It is very simple to understand the meaning and traditions of the holiday. When we hear about an occasion dedicated to military forces, we understand that this day is devoted to praising this service an awarding its representatives. Thus, the date concerns people who have duties and responsibilities which are related to coastal defense. This kind of forces is said to be under the Department of Transportation. It is a branch whose representatives patrol shores.

Various dictionaries give certain definitions to the service itself. These definitions explain in detail what this service is engaged in. All the dictionaries insist that the organization is a military one. It is responsible for saving people who have difficult situations at sea. The military men have certain duties in preventing smuggling. Property and life are under their defense. The dictionaries admit that when it’s a war time this service must be under the control of the US Navy.

A coastguard has also got some definitions. The most common is that it’s a volunteer or civilian organization which assists ships and people who are in danger. The second meaning is that it’s a member of a coast organization, a civilian or a federal one. What is the date of Coast Guard Day 2022? It’s set on the 4th of August.


The observance’s main goal is to appreciate people who save our lives at sea and help the government to prevent contraband. This day is made to commemorate those people who lost their lives during the their duties. The US statistics points out that almost 35 thousand lives were saved by guardsmen during notorious Katrina. Almost 24 thousand people, whose lives were under risk, were freed.

National Coast Guard Day

The American government tries to do its best to honour Coast Guard. There are lots of various events in the country which help ordinary Americans to show their gratitude. There are festivals and communal picnics. Various concerts and festivals are held in every American town and city. Several coastal cities hold parades with the ceremonies of awarding guardsmen.

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Michigan is a place which authorities decided to make it a Coast Guard City of the United States of America. Annually people gather in order to commemorate and celebrate this service. The scope of observing is so great that tourists from the whole world come to watch the events in Michigan.

Guests of the holiday and local people can watch various films and concerts devoted to the theme. They may visit museums which show many exhibitions. There are lots of lectures that can be listened to. People may choose any event they like. The best way to get information is to share it in the internet. You should write “When is Coast Guard Day in 2022, calendar of events?”.

Coast Guard Day Facts

  1. The father of the service is A. Hamilton. He proposed the creation of such coastal armed forces. The first variant of the service used to save wrecked ships only. Their duty was to save people.
  2. In 1790 there wasn’t any other navy service but the Revenue-Marine. The guardians had to deal with the pirates. Only in 7 years several warships were used.
  3. In the late 19th century the Coast Guard used to connect the citizens of Alaska with other parts of the USA. The local dwellers got food and other goods due to guardsmen. They were also provided with a medical help.
  4. Many famous people were the guardsmen, such as Cesar Romero, Arnold Palmer, Jeff Bridges and Beau Bridges and their father Lloyd Bridges. The most famous coast guardsman is Popeye.
  5. This service is not under the rule of the Department of Defense.
  6. These men are said to save 10 lives every day and seize more than 450 thousand pounds of various drug substances.


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