Are you a great chef? Are you a housewife? Do you like culinary? What meal can you cook best of all? Is it a dessert or a soup? Do you like cakes? Lots of people like cooking and eating the meals then. One of the most popular products is a sweet potato. There are lots of receipts which contain such ingredient. It has got lots of vitamins and nutritious elements. The popularity of the product is so great that somebody created a special holiday when they can eat this kind of food. When is National Cook a Sweet Potato Day in 2020?


People don’t remember the exact day when the holiday was initiated. It is interesting that the popularity of the product was so great that the majority of men and women took the observance for granted. Different cultures propose their own recipes with this kind of food. The start of cultivation the product started more than 5 thousand years ago. The remnants can be dated to the 8th millennium B.C. The original potato wasn’t sweet. Centuries passed and tribes domesticated the plant. The original territories of the product were South and Central America.

Sweet Potato

The product later was brought to the European people. It happened in the 1500s. The new kind of food was very expensive. It took more than 200 years to accept the product as an ordinary food. According to the statistics, the plant is very important in the Asian and Japan territories. The Indians also adore the plant. People started cultivating potatoes in Venezuela and Mexico.

It hasn’t been proved that the batata was brought from South America to the Pacific. There’s a theory that the plant couldn’t be spread by seeds. It could happen only with the help of vine cuttings. The cultivation was possible due the temperate climate. In the 16th century it was planted on the Chinese territories. Japanese gardens were planted in the 18th century.

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The popularity of the vegetable reduced greatly during the 20th century in the United States of America. An average person ate approximately 15 kilos a year in the beginning of the 1900s. Nowadays an average American eats less than 2 kilos a year. Nevertheless, people continue using the product in their meals. What day World Cook a Sweet Potato Day? The day is observed on February, 22.


What does National Cook a Sweet Potato Day mean? The day isn’t a national observance. It can’t be recognized as an official governmental occasion as it doesn’t carry any important value for citizens and the country itself. People don’t have any paid vacations during the observance. It is a good will of every person who adores such food. The state doesn’t support such events. People usually follow the tradition of observance.

The occasion may be very important for vegetarians who prefer such food rather than meat. They can make as many meals as their creative minds can afford. It is obvious that the product is in the list of the most useful ones, though some people don’t like the taste of meals with the batata.

Cafes and restaurants can use the event to attract clients. Chefs can create their own recipes with this product. They may advertize the event in Twitter or Facebook. The idea is especially great for people who haven’t ever tasted the plant. Tourists are the best clients during such occasions. They try everything strange for them. If meals with batata are rather unfamiliar to them, tourists will certainly order some portions of strange products.

The occasion is a good time to advertize culinary skills in the internet. There aren’t many recipes with sweet potato in the internet. Your posts will become very popular. When is International Cook a Sweet Potato Day 2020? It’s on the 22nd of February.

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The tradition of the observance of food products is common in many countries of the world. It means that people don’t even surprise when they hear the name of the occasion. It is obvious that it is necessary to eat a certain product or to cook a certain meal. Such traditions are followed in a way as a person or a family prefers. The occasion is to be celebrated in accordance with demands of culinary holidays. If you don’t even know the definition of the holiday, you should consult a dictionary. You are certainly to find it everywhere. If you want to find meals with this ingredient, you should follow the culinary websites.

The term “sweet potato” can be rather strange for people from several countries. It means that the plant isn’t very popular in their territories. The meaning can be found in any dictionary. It defines as a vegetable. It can look like a simple potato though the taste is different. It’s sweet. The flesh of the vegetable is yellow and the skin is brown.

Another name of the vegetable is a batata. This word is common for many languages. It is appropriate as the official name of the product in recipes. The origin of the form is Taino which later came into Portuguese and Spanish. This term appeared in the English language in the 16th century. What is the date of National Cook a Sweet Potato Day 2020? The observance is on February, 22.

Sweet Potato cooked


The vegetable has a great nutritive value. People can make many meals using simple recipes. The vegetable has got great amount of vitamins C, B6 and A. there’s much magnesium in it. It doesn’t have many calories so every person can use it in his diet. As the vegetable hasn’t got fat, salt and sugar, people can use butter in a meal, salt it or add sugar. The vegetable is a great product for a diet. That’s why everybody can celebrate the occasion with a great number of meals which contain batatas.

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The best way to recognize the holiday is to cook a meal for a family. You can choose any way of cooking you like best. Take the ingredient and fry, boil or steam it. The food will be tasty and nutritious. You can try to cook soups, salt pastry and salads. It can be a main course or a side dish. You can make a tasty pie with eggs and flour. Some people even cook chips with this ingredient.

You can also participate in the events which are held in different cities. They are usually culinary events. People are proposed to create different biscuits and casseroles with batatas. The winners usually get prizes. Search for events in the internet “When is Cook a Sweet Potato Day, calendar?” If you aren’t a great cook, you should get help of your relatives. You can also gather the whole family and cook an appropriate food. The family evening will be the great end of the holiday. The observance is held on the 22nd of February.

International Cook a Sweet Potato Day Facts

  • It is one of the most popular products in the world. People grow more than 250 billion pounds of batatas every year.
  • The vegetable has a sweet taste.
  • The period of preserving the vegetable is not more than 10 months. It can’t be stored in a refrigerator.
  • There are batatas of several colors. The orange kind is the sweetest. The certain amount of antioxidants is in a purple batata.
  • The glycemic index is very low, so the vegetable is appropriate for people ill in diabetes.
  • The product contains beta-carotene that’s why it is to be boiled or steamed.


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