Today photography is available to almost everyone. In the modern world you can take pictures even with the help of a simple mobile phone. It is quite a common activity in the contemporary society. But at the same time not everybody knows the answer to the question “When is World Photography Day in 2017?” Even after the serious thinking people can’t reply it properly.

That is the reason, why we are going to discover this matter in details.


However, according to the specialists’ points of view, the way from the creation of the first cameras to the era of digital images was rather difficult and interesting at the same time. So you can understand that it is quite impossible to answer, what day National Photography Day in 2017 is without historical background of this event.

So next time when you would like to celebrate August 19 think about a few interesting facts that will show how much time and efforts it took to make photo art accessible to public.

The very first photo appeared in the 20s of the XIX century. The picture was made by talented man named Joseph Niesepor Niepce (1765-1833). It happened in Burgundy in France.

World Photography Day 2017

At that time the methods of printing images (for example, lithography) were already known. However, the reliability of reproduction depended on the specialists’ skills: the artist painted a portrait, from which an engraving was made.

Niepce began to study various ways of the reproducing. In order to do this, he used an old pinhole camera, represented by a lightproof box with a hole. The rays of light, which were passing through the hole, created an inverted image on the opposite wall.

Niepce wanted to save this image. At the place where the light was drawing a picture, he installed a plate that was covered with a photosensitive composition. Under the influence of light, different parts of the plate were darkened in different ways. After a while, the outlines of objects began to appear. In such a relatively easy way Niepce got the first photo in history.

By the way in his photo the man captured a landscape – a view from the window, with the roofs of neighboring houses. All in all the exposure lasted more than eight hours. Unfortunately, during this time, the lighting almost completely changed, so the picture turned out to be very unusual, and the view from the window was not quite recognizable.


What does World Photography Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is not easy to answer this question just in a few words. All in all it is up to you to decide whether to celebrate it in a very interesting way or to forget about it.

In general discussing this amazing matter, we can’t but mention that the person, who is shot  together with friends or close people in general, look  more interesting and attractive than in the picture where he/she is alone. This phenomenon is known quite well. It even has the special name “cheerleader effect”. This fact was discovered and confirmed by experienced scientists, working in California University.

All the study participants noted that the attractiveness of the characters in group shots is higher than the depiction of the same people but being alone.

In order to exclude any the emotional component, the research was repeated with other parameters: the group pictures  were taken not in one frame, but cut from individual images. Even on such collages, people were judged more interesting.


You see, in human life every day is unique and diverse, as many things, both happy and sad, always happen. The best moments are stuck in memory and we remember them with pleasure and interest. And as a rule, many of these events are photographed. That is the main reason why it is recommended to remember the answer the question “When is International Photography Day 2017?” and to celebrate this special occasion together with your family members, friends or even colleagues from work.

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By the way some pictures are considered to be the occasional and consequential at the same time. For example, in the competition for the best photo of the Aryan child, held in the Third Reich in 1935, the winner was a snapshot of the six-month-old Hessie Taft. Organizers of the competition and Goebbels, who chose the winner, did not suspect that the girl on the image was Jewish. Her mother, Paulina Levenson, brought the kid to the photographer to take pictures for the family album. However, he, without the parents informing, sent photos to the contest. As a result the girl had to hide at home, and a few years later the family was forced to leave Germany and to escape. Nowadays it is known that they successfully reached the US.

In 2009, a group of Scottish psychologists conducted an experiment of “lost” 240 purses in the streets of Edinburgh. In every item there were the contact details of the owner. In general, 42% of wallets were returned, but the percentage of return varied greatly depending on what kind of photo was inside. So, the owners were sent:

  • 88% of the purses, which contained photos of the baby;
  • 53% from the photo of the pet;
  • 48% with the general family photo;
  • 28% with the image of the elderly couple;
  • only 15% of those where there was no photo at all.

World Photography Day


So you have already got the answer to the question “What is the date of World Photography Day 2017?” but do you know how to celebrate August 19 properly? We will help you to find out.

Unfortunately, there are no any definite customs for this notable date. But as a rule it is not a problem if you are going to keep this event. You are always able to invent and to introduce something special for you and your close surrounding.

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Here is a very successful example of photography. In the 1980s a very unusual comic tradition was introduced in some western countries. The locals made an amazing decision to take the garden gnomes to the travel. The matter is that the figures were stolen. On the place of this minute crime it was necessary to leave a note: “I want to see the world. Do not worry, I’ll be back soon.” After that the dwarfs were photographed at the background of famous sightseeing, and then returned to the owner together with photos. This tradition became more widespread after the release of the film “Amelie”, where the main character sends her father the pictures of the dwarf.

National Photography Day Facts

When is National Photography Day in 2017, calendar will remind you without any problems, but would you like to find out some very interesting and unusual data about this popular leisure and professional activity of the 21st century?

Have you ever heard that background image for Windows 10 desktop is not just a product of creativity in the graphics editor. In order to create it, Microsoft dealt with an experienced photo studio, where a large design with four screens, a great amount of cameras and different light sources and smoke were used.

In addition to the well-known use of pigeons in the delivery of correspondence, they were also successfully trained for aerial photography. In 1908 the first patent for the device of a camera intended for carrying by a dove was given to the German Julius Neubronner. Despite the acceptable quality of the images, in the First World War, aerial photography with the help of pigeons was never used. In the Second World War, according to various reports, pigeon-photographers were involved by the Germans, the French and Americans. Although the only material evidence is a toy figure of a soldier who is letting a pigeon carrying a camera.


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