In the contemporary calendar there is a great amount of various holidays. And some of them are rather amazing or even curious. For example, could you answer the question โ€œWhen is National Work Like a Dog Day in 2022?โ€ immediately?ย  We are sure that most part of our readers has never heard about the existence of this funny special occasion and that is why wonโ€™t be able to reply even after serious thinking. What a pity! โ€“ You see, many modern men and women are working so much these days that have to celebrate this notable date without any objections.

And that is the reason why we are going to tell you about this unusual holiday in details now.


Of course, we know that for the proper explanation of the question โ€œWhat is the date of Work like a Dog Day 2022?โ€ we have to discover the historical background of this holiday. We have been trying to find some important data, but, unfortunately, it has seemed to be impossible. There is no any information about this date creators or establishers.

But in general the phrase โ€œwork like a dogโ€ is often associated with such problem of the 21st century as workaholism, the term of which was proposed by scientists in the early 1970’s. Already the first works devoted to it, the specialists revealed its similarity with other types of chemical and psychological addictions. Like them, this state means something like a flight from reality by changing the mental state. In this situation it is achieved by fixation at work. By the way, the work does not connect with any economic necessity.

National Work Like a Dog Day

Escaping from everyday life can be associated with the inability to experience ordinary joys. These people arenโ€™t usually able to provide themselves with the common home comfort. Such men and women explain their behavior by material or working necessity as well as career requirements. The specialists have already discovered the most typical hobbies, which are chosen by workaholics. As a rule these people choose the so called breadwinning activities, for example, pottery, hunting, fishing, etc.

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If a workaholic can not realize himself/herself on the main job, a hobby can become his/her only interest in life.


What does National Work Like a Dog Day mean? Have you ever thought about the meaning of this expression? In fact it defines like working much and for a long time. But in this case we would like to introduce two categories of contemporary people.

For a workaholic work is by no means one of the components of the life: it completely replaces attachment, love, entertainment and other activities.

In society, workaholism is much more common among men, although the processes of emancipation affect this addiction. A significant number of so-called business ladies can be classified as workaholics.

To work like a dog is a typical feature of the older or the only children in the family, where the father is an alcoholic, and the mother is a co-dependent. The kid does a lot of housework, tries to study well in order to compensate for the disgrace of the family. As a rule this boy or girl is preparing intensively for a prestigious university or winning sports victories.

He/she deprives himself/herself of rest and entertainment, becomes an antipode to the father. But this is only from the outer point of view, as the basis for workaholism and alcoholism is the same, when people come into dependence, which leads to self-destruction.


Answering the question โ€œWhen is International Work Like a Dog Day 2022?โ€ we canโ€™t but mention that one of the important features of this condition is a compulsive desire for constant success and approval from others.

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Workaholic has a constant fear of failing, “losing face”, being accused of incompetence, laziness, being worse than others in the eyes of superiors. This is due to the dominance in the psychological state of a sense of anxiety, which does not leave the workaholic either during work, or in moments of short rest, which is not complete due to the constant fixation of thoughts at work.

Workaholism is the same form of self-destruction as other dependencies. It leads to fatigue, lack of energy for other activities and narrowing the range of interests. Everything around is displaced by the need to be a very necessary and irreplaceable person in certain cases.

These busy men and women have no time to be interested in using the results of their work. They are constantly sacrificing their own needs. Many of them are happy when they are told that they are “burning at work” and envy those, who managed to die in their labor post.

Would you like to know the difference between an ordinary and common hard-working people and workaholic? As a rule, an industrious person has a definite goal and is interested in results of his/her work. The professional activity is only a part of life, a way of self-expression, a means of self-sufficiency and creation of material goods. For the workaholic, the opposite is true: the result of the work does not make sense, the work is a way of filling the time, such a person is aimed at the production process, not the result. Family relations, as well as the family are taken by the workaholic as interference, distracting from work and causing irritation and annoyance.

National Work Like a Dog Day


When is Work Like a Dog Day in 2022, calendar will remind you without any problems, but do you know how to celebrate it properly? If not, donโ€™t worry, please, as we are going to give you a short list of some recommendations.

What about working hard this day? It sounds sad and terrific, but you can really do it, if you like. So on August 5 stay some extra hours at your work. The main advantage is that perhaps, your boss will admit it and promote you.

Do you have any workaholic in your surrounding? As a rule, everybody has. Why not to spend the whole day honoring his/her hard work?ย  You can even give this person a small present for the contribution to the working process of your office.

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Do you like the points or do they sound very difficult for you? โ€“ You know that some dogs are very lazy and they adore just lying all day long. You can try to resemble them and to do nothing on August 5.

Work Like a Dog Day Facts

So you have already known what day National Work Like a Dog Day in 2022 is, but would you like to know whether you are able to behave like this?

Here is the list of the most typical features, signs of workaholism:

  • After hard work it is difficult to return to other everyday activities;
  • Anxiety about work interferes with rest;
  • These people believe that satisfaction can be felt only during work;
  • The person feels energetic, confident and self-sufficient, only working or thinking about work.
  • If this man/woman does not work, he/she feels dissatisfaction and irritation.
  • The person is said to be gloomy, uncompromising and vulnerable, usually being “transformed” at work.
  • Workaholic does not understand the meaning of rest and joy.
  • After work, in order to understand what the family wants, these people need to make an effort.
  • Even at home thoughts are constantly focused on work.
  • Magazine photos, films and programs of erotic and entertaining nature cause irritation.
  • Stories of friends about love affairs seem to be very boring.
  • Talking about the work, it is more convenient to say “we” and not “I”.
  • Failure at work is perceived as a real disaster.


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