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When is Rhode Island Independence Day 2018

Rhode Island is one of the most unique states of the America. Not only it is the smallest and almost least-populated state, but it is also the first state ever to disobey and fight the British Empire during the period of Revolutionary War.

This state, which has the longest name among all of American states, goes by the nickname of “The Ocean State” due to the fact that it has very long coast line, surrounded by deep waters of Pacific Ocean. More than ten percents of its total territory are in fact bays.

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So, this record-holding state has not only numerous achievements, but also few local holidays. And one of those holidays is its own Independence Day, which is celebrated discretely from the fourth of July.

Rhode Island Independence Day 2018

Now then, when is Rhode Island Independence Day in 2018? The date is set according to the date of separation from the British Empire. Thus, this annual holiday occurs on the fourth of May, four month before the American Independence Day. This holiday is strictly local, but still well-known to the rest of American population. The cause of such popularity hides in importance of Rhode Island in history of the United States of America, especially during aforementioned Revolutionary War.

The history of Rhode Island

Despite the obviously talking name, majority of the Rhode Island state is located on the mainland of the Northern America continent. Original Rhode Island, which given its name to the state, is located in Greece. The name originates from similarity of those two islands.

Nowadays, American Rhode Island mostly called Aquidneck. In its turn, the full name of the state is State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. As was already stated, this name holds the record as longest official name. In 2009 there was massive arguing about intolerance and political incorrectness of “Plantations” part, but the most of Americans decided that this related only to old-fashioned way of saying “colony” and has nothing to do with slavery or Imperialism. So, after counting the votes, government of USA decided to maintain the full original name.

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In its turn, the question of what day Rhode Island Independence Day in 2018 was never raised again since the day of its establishment. This holiday always was and probably will be observed on May, 4th. So, if you want to attend t the celebration of independence of one of the most significant American states, you know when to do it.

In last century Rhode Island fought a lot of diseases and natural disasters. Since the notorious times of the Great Depression this state has problems with economics. The cause of those is that real estate prices are very high in the region, leading thousands of people into poor homeless existence.

Hundreds of people died during floods of 2010. Then, peak amounts of water filled streets and buildings, destroying infrastructure and leaving folks without their houses. Few years before more than hundred Americans died from massive fire in one of nightclubs.

Rhode Island also suffers from demographic problems. Enormous amounts of poor children are being protected by the government with across-the-board life insurances, but still this state has one of the lowest children incomes across America.

Thus, Rhode Island is not only one of the most important, but also one of the poorest and unfortunate states in the United States. If you want to help and support those who live there, you better attend to celebration as soon as possible and donate your money to charity. To do this you need to know the answer to when is Rhode Island Independence Day 2018. Remember that this will be fourth of May.

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How this day is celebrated

Despite the unstable economic situation, Rhode Island Independence Day is celebrated with chic. Celebration includes a long list of various social activities, such as concerts, exhibitions and public readings. Major part of those is dedicated to military achievements and consists of parades and displays of military ammunition and equipment.

Since observation takes place in warm and cozy times of late spring, it includes family picnics and open-air activities for scholars. Example given, essay and poetry readings, sport events and different other contests that are promoting emulative atmosphere, which leads into better self-development and helps achieve life goals.

Rhode Island Independence Day

Such famous artists as Chuck Berry and Tommy James took a part in providing festive and cheerful atmosphere during the feasting, not to mention the great Bob Hope. Thus, celebration attracts not only elderly parts of population, but also youth.

As fourth of May is a state holiday in Rhode Island, governmental offices may be closed this day. But transport system and postal services usually work by their normal schedules, same as stores, gas stations, libraries and private businesses of any sort.

Once again, just to remind you, what is the date of Rhode Island Independence Day 2018? The answer to this question, repeated a few times before, is May, 4th.

One of the most spectacular and entertaining parts of celebration is battery salute. In the dark evening sky hundreds of colorful flares flash with majestic sounds of freedom and joy. People film it on their cameras and mobile devices to re-watch and show to friends and relatives that had no opportunity to watch for themselves.

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So, the celebration of this particular holiday is almost not inferior to the famous celebrations of the fourth of July, or, simply put, American Independence Day. Thousands of people gather together and attend to parts of celebration that correspond with their preferences. And while youth have something to learn and understand about the importance of freedom, elderly persons can remember and discuss their past.

That is why it is so vastly important to know the answer to the question of when is Rhode Island Independence Day in 2018 without taking a look at calendar. Needless to say, this day holds a very special place in the hearts and minds of all patriot Americans.

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