People across the world adore making their national foods the symbols of their lives. Pasta and pizza, sushi and rolls, hot dogs and various pies are the best representatives of the national cuisines of different counties. Some nations even spend the whole day eating a concrete meal. The amount of such holidays is really great. They give people the feeling of calmness and true life. The Americans adore baking cakes. Their apple cake is known everywhere. It is served in cafes and restaurants. Not less important a cherry pie is. It has got its own festive day. When is National Cherry Pie Day in 2020?


This pie is called โ€œa Great American Pieโ€ nowadays. Nevertheless, its history isnโ€™t known exactly. People say that the meal was a part of an ordinary breakfast in the 19th century. Cherries were favorite fruits of G.Washington. These trees became very popular due to this fact. As the American nation celebrate the day of the President in February, these kinds of bakery has become a tradition of the holiday.

The tradition of baking this meal came was brought to North America by the first settlers. They used narrow pans to make the food. At those times this cooking equipment was called a coffin. Later it got the name โ€œcrustโ€.

Pie and cherries

The first people to bake a pie were the Greeks. They used to make it from flour and water. Later they filled their pastry with various filling. The most popular ones were meat and fruits, though honey was also popular among the Greeks. Later the fillings were diversified by the Romans. They filled pies with mussels, fish and nuts.

The tradition to put meat as the filling firmly fixed in the Middle Ages. A great variety of fillings made the food very popular. People used everything they could catch. They put pigeons, wild duck, lamb and beef inside. They also used different spices according to the territorial harvesting. Vegetables were also very popular. People could store and transport the product for a long time. The food also got its traditional name then. If we ate those pies nowadays, we wouldnโ€™t recognize them. They were covered with much dough. It helped to preserve the food which didnโ€™t dry so fast. But it was impossible to eat the crust. People ate the filling and threw out the crust. It could also be used again in another pie.

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The pilgrims continued the tradition of baking pies. Their favorite fillings were pecan and pumpkin. Since then the idea of cooking pies became very popular. The number of variants is enormous. This variant is very popular not only in America, but also in other countries of the world.

The idea of the holiday was proposed by a teacher from Colorado. The man had the birthday on the day and made this pastry his traditional birthday food. He declared the date a national food holiday. It became popular across the world. โ€œWhat day World Cherry Pie Day in 2020?โ€ The day is on February, 20.


What does National Cherry Pie Day mean for every American and the people of other nationalities? The day doesnโ€™t carry any political or historical meaning. Nevertheless, it has a concrete psychological effect. It helps a person feel himself calm and happy. If you look into the calendar, you would certainly want to spend some time baking a pie or visiting local cafรฉs to taste it.

The date is a great time to spend it outside. It is traditionally accepted to make a cake. Women involve their children and husbands into the baking process. This fact helps unite families and raise the common spirit. People can initiate their own tradition when they can have a family party. The main hero of the party must be a cherry pie. It is a chance to get other recipes of this pastry.

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The holiday is a good time for cafรฉs to attract lots of visitors. They make various variants of pies. Special propositions are available for every visitor who orders a piece of pastry.

Nowadays the holiday can be a suitable moment to show the culinary skills. Every person can express their personality due Instagram and other internet services where the photos of the best pastry can be posted. When is International Cherry Pie Day 2020? Itโ€™s on the 10th of February.


Thereโ€™s no any difficulty in defining the name of the holiday. People always understand the meaning of such holidays. If they hear about the tradition, they make their own pastry or order it in a cafรฉ. The difficulty can be met only in foreign-speaking countries, though nowadays people travel throughout the world and taste unknown food. The Internet also helps people cook strange and unfamiliar meals.

A cherry pie is defined as the pastry which consists of the cherry filling and a sweet crust. It can be covered with whipped toppings. A cherry is a well-known fruit which is cultivated in many countries of the world. It has got a sour-sweet flash and a pit inside it. The term โ€œcherryโ€ is a derivation of a Latin word which derived from the Greek term. The original place of the first cultivation of this kind of fruit-trees is thought to be Turkey.

The word โ€œpieโ€ can be found in many vocabularies. The word has got several meanings. One of them explains the word as the meat pastry. It also can be a dessert with sweet fillings, custard or fruit. The observance is devoted to a concrete cherry variant. What is the date of National Cherry Pie Day 2020? Itโ€™s on February, 20th.

Cherry Pie


The date is traditionally accepted by the pastry fans and families. They prefer to follow the tradition of observing the day and buy a piece of the pastry or bake it at home. The tradition of baking a pie is in many families. Women of the families gather and make a pastry themselves. They share the main secrets of the baking process with their female friends and relatives.

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Women can also initiate special competitions when they can bake as many cakes as they can. Their men can taste and evaluate them. The winner will get a prize. The prizes are to be chosen beforehand. The best variant is kitchen equipment. The funniest variant is a cherry corer. Make funny photos of the process of baking and tasting and make a special album of the observance. The tradition will certainly root in your family.

The event can become the day of charity, especially in small towns and villages. People can celebrate the holiday organizing charitable dinners where cherry pies can be the top lot of an auction. The organizers can also feast poor people on cherry pies and tea.

According to a new tradition, good deeds are always highlighted in mass media. Radio and TV channels always try to make interviews with organizers of such charitable events. If you want to be a participant of this occasion, you should find the information in the internet โ€œWhen is Cherry Pie Day in 2020, calendar?โ€ The occasion is on February, 20th.

International Cherry Pie Day Facts

There are several tasty facts about the pastry:

  • The state of Indiana has got its official pie, a Sugar Crรจme variant.
  • Cherry variant wasnโ€™t served with ice-cream in Kansas. It was illegal.
  • The first Thanksgiving Day was held without pumpkin pastry.
  • People of America adore pies. They annually buy almost 200 million ones.
  • The people of Florida adore a key lemon variant.
  • The dwellers of Illinois prefer the variant with peach custard.
  • More than 20% of people from the USA can eat the whole pie themselves.


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