When is National Cupcake Day in 2022? Frankly speaking, we are almost sure that you wonโ€™t be able to answer this question properly, even in the case if we give you some minutes for thinking about. In fact it seems to be rather strange as these yummy things are one of the most popular confectionery products in the world. They perfectly perform the role of daily family baking. Especially this type of bakery suits for tea, coffee, cacao or milk.

Cupcakes are common in Europe, but the recipes for their preparation are diverse in a variety of countries and depend on local ingredients. That is the reason, why we want to investigate this matter in details.


Trying to give the answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Cupcake Day 2022?โ€ we should tell our readers about the historical basement of this event. Unfortunately, we havenโ€™t managed to find out any information about the establishers of this special occasion, as well as the reasons to hold the event on February 25 exactly.

In fact it sounds a bit strange that the holiday is organized in winter, because every year the whole week devoted to these items is celebrated widely in Great Britain and some areas arranged nearby. In accordance with some points of view, initially this unusual holiday was nothing more than a successful marketing decision.


The very first cupcakes appeared in the late 19th century initially. In such a way they were named because the locals baked these tasty things in cups and compound from the ingredients measured in these same cups.

The first written recipe of this yummy refers to 1796 and was printed in the culinary book of well-known American Amelia Simmons.


What does National Cupcake Day mean? Oh, frankly speaking, it is only up to you to decide. We have done our job and told you that the special occasion is celebrated on February 25. If this day is important for you, you can try to spend it interestingly, if not, just forget about its existence.

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In the Guinness Book of Records there is some information about the largest cupcake in the world. The registered item was – 25 x 1.5 meters in size. It was baked for Christmas in East London (South Africa). Its production took 4 days. The locals spent: 50 liters of water, 150 kg of flour, 1675 eggs, 70 kg of margarine and 100 kg of sugar glaze.

Uspensky Monastery in Missouri is the only Trappist abbey in the world, which sells cakes and muffins through its own online store.

Interestingly, according to the rules of the tax authorities, cupcakes and biscuits are completely different types of treats.

Even according to the old English belief it is required to put a fruit cake under the pillow so that the dreams of marrying a particular person must come true.


When we are discussing the matter about, what day World Cupcake Day in 2022 is, first of all, we should give the definition to this sweet.

Classic or traditional American cupcake has a dense texture. It is delicious and long-preserved fresh, traditionally favorite kind of pastry of home-made confectioners. The most typical ingredients weigh only one pound each: butter, sugar, flour and 3-4 eggs.

All in all American cupcakes are very rich in fruits and nuts. Also it is often recommended to impregnate them strongly with liqueurs or brandy and cover with powdered sugar. By the way, some Americans believe that this dish grows even better with age because of the alcoholic strength, which is improved in the course of time.

As to their composition cupcakes can be simple and complex.

An ordinary or a simple cupcake resembles somewhat sweet bread. Actually this is a pie with a peculiar taste. As a rule, it is a biscuit, but some people give preference to using yeast in addition to ordinary flour. The other important components are some water, 2-3 eggs, fat margarine and granulated sugar. You may also need salt and butter.

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If you are going to bake a complex cake, you have to get some other ingredients, the list of which depends on the variety of yummy. The most typical are ordinary cocoa, tasty candied fruits, sweet raisins, flavored dates, different nuts, any jam you like etc. Usually the top of the cupcakes is sprinkled with powdered sugar (simple way) or glaze, produced from sweet or chocolate. Don’t forget to decorate your cake with fruits or almonds.

Oh, and mind, please, that cupcakes are usually round.


When is Cupcake Day in 2022, calendar will help you not to forget. Just donโ€™t forget, when February 25 comes. It doesnโ€™t seem to be very difficult in fact, doesnโ€™t it?

In general there are a lot of interesting ways to celebrate this holiday properly even without official rules, customs and traditions as well. Do you like eating something tasty? โ€“ Of course, you do! So what about purchasing or baking some yummy things then.

In this case your choices are really endless, as the fillings are so different that everybody can choose something in accordance with personal taste. Some people even prefer to organize parties or family gatherings because of this purpose. As you can see, the beginning of winter is a perfect time for sitting with a tasty bakery in front of the fire place. Cupcakes are suitable pretty well to a cup of hot coffee, tea, cacao or milk? Arenโ€™t they?

By the way, not everybody knows that the world fixed record for eating cupcakes is 71 pieces in five minutes and was installed by Patrick Bertoletti in 2012.

We should also mention that a slim little American woman of Korean origin named Sonia Thomas in 2003 overcame as much as 2 kilograms of fruit cake for some 10 minutes.

Cupcakes and cat

International Cupcake Day Facts

Talking about the subject, devoted to the matter “When is International Cupcake Day 2022?” we’dย  like to mention that this yummy thing can be found all over the world, literary in almost every corner of it.

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And now we’re going to represent you a list of the most interesting or even amazing territories. Are you ready? So, let’s start.

  • Bahama Islands

In this resorting and so popular among tourists area, there are many ingredients, which are typical for cupcake baking. By the way all of them are considered to be healthy. You see various fruits, different nuts and sweet raisins are good for our organism. The peculiar feature of local cuisine is that before using them as a filling people prefer to keep them in rum for 2-3 months. It sounds really great, doesn’t it? After baking itself, the cupcakes are poured with rum either.

  • Moderate Germany

Traditional German cake has a special name. It is called Stollen and is usually baked for Christmas holidays. As a rule, it has a rectangular shape and is generously sprinkled with powdered sugar for additional taste.

  • Distant Romania

In this country the cake is always baked on big and the most long-awaited holidays, like magic Christmas, holy Easter, appreciated New Year as well as for the birthday of family members.

  • Magnificent Switzerland

In Switzerland, a traditional cupcake is called “birninbrot”, which can be translated into English like “pear bread”. This pancake is very light and sweet, prepared with tasty candied fruits and various nuts.

  • Reserved United Kingdom

In the UK the cupcakes are very popular indeed. The traditional cupcake for Christmas should be covered with marzipan or white icing.

  • Festive United States

Traditional American cupcake is always baked with fruit and nuts. As a rule, it turns out to be so tasty and the locals prefer to eat it as often as possible.


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