When is National Auctioneers Day in 2020? This is the question, which can be answered only by a few people, who are working in definite cycles. You see, the men and the women, belonging to this profession, are not typical for the common everyday life. The direction is rare and its representatives can be met not very often. However, today we are going to investigate the holiday devoted to them in details. Are you with us? – We are starting.


We know quite well that discovering of the matter what day World Auctioneers Day in 2020 is would be incomplete without paying a close attention to the history and background of this holiday appearance.

Unfortunately, the situation is not as easy as it may seem at the first sight. The matter is that we haven’t managed to discover something definite about this direction. As a result the names of the establishers as well as the reasons for celebrating the holiday exactly on the third Saturday in April left unknown.


However, we are almost sure that these people were the representatives of this profession and one day they just came to the conclusion that auctioneers need the establishment of their own professional holiday. And why not? – They really require the special occasion to congratulate each other, to meet the colleagues from other towns or even countries and to discuss the matter concerning the professional sphere. And, by the way, the date was chosen successfully. – You see, Saturday is a perfect time to relax as there is no need to work the next day and at the second part of April the weather is pretty well for picnics and various outdoor activities. As a result there is a beautiful possibility to celebrate the holiday interestingly and in a good, exceptional and unusual way!


What does National Auctioneers Day mean? – In fact, it may mean nothing under the condition you are not in theme and don’t take in these events. However, there are some people, who are crazy about various kinds of activities, so no matter they are going to celebrate the date merrily.

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In fact, there are public and unofficial ways to change the price during the bidding process. In the public mode, the auctioneer announces the lot number, names the starting price and asks: “Who is the most?” The buyer, who is ready to pay more, calls the new price higher than the previous one (taking into account the minimum premium). The auctioneer calls the number of the buyer, under which he/she is registered at the auction, the new price of the lot and again asks the question: “Who is more?” If no one offers a new price after the question is repeated three times, the auctioneer hits the hammer. This means that the goods are sold to the highest bidder.

In the unspoken way, buyers give the auctioneer a conventional sign (for example, by raising a plate with its number) of consent to raise the price. Extra charge to the price is standard and specified in the rules of the auction. The auctioneer each time announces a new price, without naming the buyer.


As you perhaps understand such question as “When is International Auctioneers Day 2020?” may need additional explanations and clarifications for the ordinary reader as not all people understand the direction quite properly.

All in all auctions is considered to be a public sale of goods with individual and even unique properties, according to predetermined rules. For example, at international specialized auctions they sell and buy consignments of goods such as furs, tea, tobacco, flowers, tropical wooden items, horses, fish, used cars, etc. The unique items, which are sold at auctions, include works of art, historical curiosities, collectibles and antiques. It is necessary to mention that it is the so-called contest between several buyers. The leaders establish the starting price for the product or the whole lot and it gradually rises during the event. The day and time of the auction are appointed in advance, as well as the “auction step” (the minimum premium for price changes). Each buyer is assigned a participant number.

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The auctioneer ensures that all bidders adhere to the rules and at the same time controls the price increase process, maintaining competition between bidders. The pace of auction bidding is very high and requires maximum attention and quick response from buyers and auctioneer. On average, it takes less than 50 seconds to sell one lot.


When is Auctioneers Day in 2020, calendar will remind you without any additional problems. However, in the case like this you have to be rather careful if you are going to be involved this year. You see, the matter is quite simple in fact. – This holiday doesn’t have any stable date to celebrate. As a rule, it is kept on the third Saturday in April. So in 2020 it will happen on April 18th.

Talking about this holiday as well as about the direction in general, we can’t but mention the representatives of this profession.


Auctioneers work in auction houses and galleries, as well as in large trading companies, unions or associations of sellers or special auction brokerage firms. This person must have a good memory, artistry, good diction, endurance. In order to assign an adequate price for the goods, the real specialist needs to know the market conditions.

For a successful career the man or the woman requires a higher education. However, there are no specialized educational institutions for them. Therefore, people from related fields usually come to the profession. Most often, a career begins as an assistant auctioneer.

The future specialist learns constantly, expanding their knowledge of the market, attending special trainings and practical seminars.

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As you perhaps understand there is no any universal way to celebrate this holiday. It is not a bank one, so we shouldn’t expect any additional day off from our bosses. Don’t forget to congratulate the people, who are involved. They will be really glad to hear the pleasant words in their address. You see, there are just a few people, who know about the special occasion, so you will surprise everybody around.

International Auctioneers Day Facts

So you have already got the answer to the question “What is the date of National Auctioneers Day in 2020?” Everything seems to be rather clear, however, we would like to introduce you some peculiar features of this profession and direction in general.

The auction can be considered successful if the result is a large difference between the starting price of the lot and that obtained during the bidding process. Obviously, the auctioneer can influence this difference in one direction or another.

Some auctions are held not with a price increase, but vice versa: first, the highest price for the goods sold is announced, and then the rates are reduced to the one the first buyer agrees to, to whom the goods are sold.

The work of the auctioneer begins before the auction. He/she participates in the preparation of the auction: communicates with the participants (persons transferring the goods for sale at the auction), gets acquainted with the lots and participates in the pricing. When the auction is completed, the auctioneer participates in the design of the transaction for each lot sold.


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