World Smell Day

World Smell Day was founded in 1988 by the Scotsman George Dodd – a scientist-aromatist, perfumer, aromatherapist, expert in smells. The date is celebrated every year on April 27. The holiday is sponsored by Aroma Academy and Perfume Academy.

George Dodd has come a long way from studying molecular chemistry and biology to founding the world’s first fragrance biotechnology company. He believes that the sense of smell can and should be trained. The founder of the holiday in the 1970s worked on the development of educational kits for blind children with the aim of at least partially compensating for lost sight.

You can celebrate this day by giving your nose tests. For example, on a walk to smell and try to determine where the smell is coming from. Or prepare a quiz for friends or family: put different smelling things (orange peel, coffee beans, soap, toothpaste, etc.) in an opaque container and let them smell it, asking them to identify what it smells like.

Also World Smell Day reminds that if the sense of smell worsens, you should visit an otolaryngologist or a neurologist. Such symptoms may indicate a disease.

Day of smell
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