What do you think about when you hear the word “purple”? Do you think about colors or clothes of a certain type. There’s such a day during the year. But it doesn’t concern a color. It is the day devoted to an awful disease, epilepsy. Many individuals suffer from this problem and need the social attention. They feel uncertainty in their future life. If you are a concerned person, follow the observance. When is National Purple Day in 2020?


The occasion isn’t too old. It was organized in 2008. It was decided to provide a special event devoted to the problem of epilepsy on the 26th of March. The organizer of that observance was 16-year-old girl Cassidy Megan who suffered from the disease. The girl proposed to provide the day when such people could tell about their problem to the world. It was a chance to get help from many sides.

The idea was taken up by the Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia. The participants developed the event into the Purple Day which is nowadays annually observed by the majority of countries. The first event wasn’t international. It was a local observance. The next year it grew into a great event which involved lots of educational, medical, business and charitable organizations. Celebrities and politicians joined the company.

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The Anita Kaufmann Foundation even started the lunch of the event. It became an official observance. The event was announced as official in 2012 in Canada. Australia joined the occasion in 2015. Besides, lots of organizations make their usual donations on the date. Many organizations provide different events in many parts of the world. Sponsorship is usual for such occasions.

Nowadays the event is traditionally held in many countries. Ordinary individuals also take an active part in the occasion. They follow the news about donations and try to participate in the events. If you want to join the observance, you should ask the internet community what day Purple Day is. The event takes place on March, 26.

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What does Purple Day mean for ill people and for the society? Such observances give many chances to ill persons to get much attention and some help. Usually people with epilepsy haven’t got much care and concern from other people. Sometimes they give much trouble to their relatives or friends. They don’t go outdoors very often because of health problems. They don’t feel self-confident. Such people also have problems with their career. Employers aren’t eager to have such colleagues. That’s why they need total support and help.

If you think that all people with epilepsy have problems with their life, you shouldn’t. Sometimes you meet a person with such disease and think that convulsionary attack may happen immediately. You even want to get rid of such man or woman, go away. But such behavior is very humiliating for the person. He or she feels shame and lack of self-confidence.

The occasion is a great chance to get support. People get information about this disease. They learn how to deal with the problem and how to give the first aid. It is necessary for everybody to understand that an epileptic isn’t a disabled person who can’t even deal with simple things in his life. It is a problem that can start in any moment, so everybody should be ready to give help. Don’t avoid the problem and try to help every person that needs support.

When is International Purple Day 2020? The event is traditionally held on March, 26.


The occasion itself isn’t a generally-accepted holiday. Nevertheless, it is very important to follow it in order to help people to cope with the trouble. But many people even don’t understand the definition of its title. It’s very doubtful as to the word “purple”. A few people match this term with the disease. They begin wearing purple clothes and accessories.

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The word “purple” appeared before the 11th century AC. It came from Greek and Latin and used to mean a shellfish which became purple when died. Nowadays the term is used to define a color which is a mix of red and blue. Centuries ago it was worn by people of a noble even royal birth. It also explains the high rank. Besides, the word can be used as a bishop’s office. In zoology the term is used to name some kinds of butterflies.

Nowadays the word “purple” has internationally become the symbol of epilepsy. The disease has been known since old times. Earlier people used to think that it was something like a spiritual condition. The first description of this trouble comes back to the 2nd Millennium BC. The description of the seizures is in the old medical Babylonian text of the 10th century BC. The modern word started being used in the 16th century. It describes a disorder of the nervous system which is followed by strong convulsions or sleepiness.

What is the date of Purple Day? It’s observed on March, 26.


Though the observance isn’t a national holiday, it has got a status of an international occasion. People hold special events on the 26th of March. It is traditionally accepted in the majority countries of the world to provide various charitable evenings and dinners. The main symbol of the day is purple. It can be any item of clothing or accessory. You can also wear lavender which is supposed to be another symbol of the epilepsy. It is considered that its impact on people with the disease is favorable. It can act as anticonvulsant and relaxant on the nervous system.

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The main aim of the day is to attract the society’s attention to the problem. Besides, politicians and celebrities are also intended to take part in the observance. They usually donate some sums of money. If you have some money that can be donated, just do it. Moreover, you can also take part in many educational events which are to advertize the need of good will to other people.

There are lots of organizations which make flash mobs in order to support epileptics and gather some donations in the streets and transport. They can also initiate shows on TV and radio which are devoted to the problems of epileptics. They visit hospitals and give strong support to ill people.

Many educational establishments join the observance. They hold many educational lessons and lectured devoted to this disease. Such approach helps children to accept the problem and be eager to solve the problem in future. Such events awaken compassion and concern. You can also surf the Internet with “When is Purple Day in 2020, calendar of events” and get information about the observance. It’s held on the 26th of March.

National Purple Day Facts

  • You can’t predict seizures beforehand. They happen suddenly. A good thing is that they don’t last for a long time. It can be a minute or two, or even some seconds.
  • You can’t stop seizures. They stop by themselves.
  • There is no strong rule for nature of seizures. It depends on the person’s health itself.
  • Seizures can be very different concerning different people. Nevertheless, they are similar talking about one ill person.
  • A person can be awake or asleep during a seizure. Convulsions may follow this seizure.
  • The main problem of this disease that seizures can be very harmful and traumatic for a person. He can fall and have some injures.


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