World Plant Milk Day

What is this event?

World Plant Milk Day celebrated on August 22. This date appeared in the calendar of festive events recently – in 2017. World Plant Milk Day is proposed to be celebrated in opposition to Milk Day, as well as to highlight the prospects and advantages of the plant-based milk industry.

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How did the idea of ​​celebrating World Plant Milk Day come about?

The idea was voiced by animal rights defender, prominent activist and co-founder of the media organization Plant Based News Robbie Lokey with the participation of the International Food Advocacy Organization ProVeg. Robbie tried to draw the attention of the world society to the benefits of vegetable milk. Various countries became interested in the campaign, and an unusual holiday was born. In 2020, the company Switch4Good joined this movement to encourage even more people to become participants in the new trend “Future without dairy products”.

Benefits of vegetable milk

Plant milk is produced from various crops – soybeans, hemp, oats, cashews, etc. It has a pleasant taste, does not contain lactose, is rich in vitamins and minerals.

  • More than 65% of the world’s population has congenital lactose intolerance.

Such people experience abdominal pain, nausea, gas formation, and diarrhea. Joint pain and depression are also observed. Plant milk does not cause these problems.

Why should you pay attention to plant-based milk?

All over the world, millions of people refuse to drink animal milk. They do it consciously, taking care of their own health and worrying about animals and the ecology of the planet, because the dairy industry pollutes ecosystems.

When will we celebrate World Plant Milk Day?

Year Date Weekday
2021 August 22 Sunday
2022 August 22 Monday
2023 August 22 Tuesday
2024 August 22 Thursday
2025 August 22 Friday

Plant milk day
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