When is World Lizard Day in 2022? Do you know the answer? Unfortunately the most part of contemporary men and women have never heard about the existence of this special occasion in the modern calendar. We find this situation to be an unfair one and this is a reason why we are going to discover the matter today. Would you like to join?


Talking about the matter what day Lizard Day in 2022 is in detail, we should mention the historical background of the event. As a rule, our followers are glad to find out the bases for the holiday appearance in the modern calendar.

Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to discover the amazing pieces of information devoted to the founders or establishers of this event. However, it goes without saying that whatever those people or organizations were, they tried to do everything possible to draw the public attention to these magnificent creatures.

Discovering the ancient mythology, we found that the Greeks and Egyptians associated lizards with knowledge, wisdom, and wealth. Although many lizards look like ancient extinct reptiles, in fact, these creatures are not as ancient as it may seem at the same time. Their ancestors became isolated at the end of the Permian period. It happened about 250 million years ago. In addition, it has to be mentioned that in the very middle of the Cretaceous period (the time of the prosperity of the dinosaurs) they became numerous and diverse. Today it is a thriving group of animals. However, due to human activity, most species become rare, and many are in danger of extinction.


What does Lizard Day mean? – Frankly speaking, we can’t even predict whether this occasion means something for you or not. You see, in the 21st century it is only up to you to decide which holidays to celebrate and which ones can be forgotten without any hesitations.

We don’t know you personally, so it is difficult to tell for sure if you appreciate these creatures or not. All in all, it can’t but mention that this occasion is kept carefully and annually by various kinds of wildlife lovers. Today there are about 6263 species of lizards. They live all around the planet. Unfortunately, many of them are endangered. Why has it happened? – There have been many reasons actually. The most widespread of them are loss of habitat and new predators. Contemporary dogs and cats are considered to be the main threads for these reptiles.

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They are considered to be cold-blooded reptiles. They live all over the planet: from bustling cities and up to the Amazon rainforest. Various types of lizards can eat different foods. There are insectivorous, carnivorous and omnivorous species. Some of them are thought to be rare, that is why it is very difficult to study. As a result, scientists know little about their habits and biology in general.


Talking about the question “When is International Lizard Day 2022?” we can’t but mention the peculiar features of these amazing creatures.

There are about 6263 species of lizards in the world. Of these, only two species are venomous: the Arizona Gila monster (Heloderma sucpectum) and the Mexican Gila monster (Heloderma horridum). Their venom is not powerful enough to kill a person, but it can cause severe pain.

In fact, their body structure is the most ancient and universal for terrestrial vertebrates.

To date, more than 6300 species of them are known! This figure seems more impressive when you remember that the entire diversity of the class of mammals from mice and shrews to whales and elephants, including such dissimilar ones as the platypus, kangaroo and man, does not exceed 5500 species.

Among these reptiles there are such giants as the Komodo dragon, which reaches 3 meters in length and 135 kg in weight. It is better to face this predator “nose to nose”! Among them, there are pygmies that fit on the thumbnail. Such is the round-footed gecko from the West Indies, only 16 mm long and weighing 0.2 g.

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The vast majority are predators that feed on proportionate prey. Large species feed on vertebrates, including mammals, birds, snakes and smaller species, and snail lovers are also known. Insectivorous lizards play an important role as agricultural pest controllers.

Many species can diversify the diet with fruits and juicy greens, but there are not many true vegetarians. The most famous of these are the large iguanas from tropical America. And the Galapagos marine iguana is the only marine lizard that feeds exclusively on algae!


When is Lizard Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you and in fact it is not a great problem to memorize it. The special occasion has a fixed date of its celebration. It is kept in professional circles on August 20th annually. Would you like to join?

Frankly speaking, it is not difficult to organize this special occasion celebration. Thus, if you can’t be involved into a holiday, you are always free to create it by your own. What about a so-called information campaign? It can be carried out for children or adults to raise their awareness.

A cozy family party would be a great decision. Ask your guests to find out amazing pieces of information devoted these creatures and introduce them to other people. Up to the present moment there have been a lot of articles, videos and interviews in the internet and mass media. It is up to them and you to choose.

Do you want to be less public? – On August many people share their personal reflections, photos and videos on reptiles on social networks. Would you like to join them?

World Lizard Day Facts

Investigating the question “What is the date of Lizard Day in 2022?” we found a lot of amazing pieces of information. Today we are going to share some of them with our followers. Here is our list for you:

  • In fact, everyone knows that lizards throw their tails when they have to run from a predator. As a rule, this fact is of common knowledge. However, it is not an only astonishing thing about them. Modern people have hardly heard about another interesting and little-studied species. It is toad-like lizards, or horned lizards. They have the cool ability to spray blood from the nose and eyes. It sounds terrible, isn’t it? As a rule, it happens as a result of a sharp increase in blood pressure in the head when the walls of one of the large vessels contract. These strange creatures can be jetted up to 1.5 meters, which helps to confuse the attacker.
  • Lizards have spread throughout the planet, with the exception of Antarctica. The length of the lizard can range from 1.6 cm to 3.35 meters. Some species of lizards can weigh up to 166 kg. Depending on the species, these reptiles can live from one to 30 years.
  • There are several types of lizards that resemble snakes in their appearance. This is because their legs are so small that they cannot be seen, or they simply do not have legs.
  • Sometimes white bloom is noticeable on lizards. This is the salt that is excreted from the animal’s body when there is a lack of water.
  • Lizards are dumb. Nature has not endowed them with vocal cords. An exception is the Geckos lizard.
  • Chameleons don’t change color to disguise themselves. They react in such a way to surrounding temperature and level of light. Also, a change in color indicates changes in the mood of the reptiles and the state of his health.
  • A lizard’s eyeballs can look in different directions. In addition, the reptile’s eyes are capable of seeing ultraviolet light.
  • Lizards grow throughout their lives. This is why they shed their skin.
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